Tiny Pretty Things: Kylie Jefferson Talks About Her Audition, Costume & Make Up For the Character of Neveah

First and foremost, Kylie Jefferson is a modern ballet dancer. Today, on Tiny Pretty Things, the Debbie Allen Dance Academy alum stars as Neveah Stroyer, which is the Netflix series adaptation of the same-name YA book written by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton.

Tiny Pretty Things Netflix cover
Tiny Little Things: Kylie Jefferson Cover

To show her talent and climb to the top, Neveah arrives at Chicago’s prestigious ballet academy, Archer School of Ballet, and she quickly stands out because of her vibrant, charismatic attitude and, TBH, her costumes, combining the classic ballet aesthetic with contemporary streetwear.

In shaping the character of Neveah, Jefferson agreed that working with the wardrobe team, headed by renowned costume designer Debra Hanson, was important, and she certainly had feedback. “The collaboration was amazing. Once we really started to talk about who Neveah was, especially being the only Black girl on screen, it was really important to me that she was not seen as the poor one, but that she was seen as a girl who was just different from everyone else and just didn’t know their world. The pieces brought in were perfect,” said Kylie, giving POPSUGAR an interview.

“Especially being the only Black girl on screen, it was really important to me that [Neveah] was not seen as the poor one but . . . as a girl who was just different from everyone else.”

Kylie is also a fan of everything she wore on the show IRL, which she made sure to note as she doesn’t really get to chat about clothes. I always love being part of the dialogue. It was so cool for me because we don’t get the chance as a performer. I found that when it comes to bringing together any production of this caliber, I always have a brain for all aspects of the process. I’m still so interested in what’s going on behind the scenes, what the costumes are saying about the character, and how the makeup and costume support the storytelling.

Enjoy browsing through the endless cool style moments of Neveah on Tiny Pretty Things in advance, and read more about Jefferson’s own style approach in the ballet workshop. It’s plain to see how Neveah has rubbed off her finesse for marrying sportswear and tutus, that’s for sure.

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Kylie Jefferson’s Ballet Outfit as Neveah on Tiny Pretty Things

Tiny Pretty Things: Kylie Jefferson Practicing Ballet (Photo- Netflix)

We see Neveah modeling her dance bodysuits and tights in the series with lots of sweats. For some leg warmers, I’m really fine. Always. Always. Even if I don’t need them. I love a good jumper, but for sweatpants, I’m still very infamous, “I’m always good for some leg warmers. Always. Even if I don’t need them. I love a good sweater, but I’m also really notorious for sweatpants,” said Kylie.

Kylie’s Sweatpants on Tiny Pretty Things for the Neveah’s Character

Tiny Little Things: Neveah's Sweatpants
Kylie Jefferson shared this image on Instagram.

“A lot of Joah Brown is seen on Tiny Pretty Things,”A lot of Joah Brown can be seen in Tiny Pretty Things. It was a line of sweatpants I was already in for myself, but by the time [we began filming] I couldn’t afford it. I thought, ‘Well, hey, once I got the chance. I’ve been looking at this line of clothes, and it just looks, top to bottom, that it will be a perfect aesthetic starting point for Neveah.’ She wears a lot of Joah Brown, and even a lot of the other characters ended up wearing Joah Brown, as well”.

Best Outfit of Kylie Jefferson for Neveah’s Character

Neveah's Best Outfit on Tiny Pretty Things
Image: Instagram

In the view of Jefferson, in the first episode of the season, Neveah’s best style moment comes: “She has on a rustic orange-colored sports bra with green sweatpants. It’s not that elaborate of an outfit, but it definitely made her stamp there. It said she doesn’t need much, but she’s here She’s the type of woman that doesn’t need to have all the most expensive clothes in the room, but she is the most expensive person in the room.”

The Ballet Costumes on Tiny Pretty Things

Image: Netflix

“It was totally amazing working with award-winning costume designer Debra Hanson,” Jefferson said. As a dancer, seeing someone who effectively created looks that looked fantastic on camera, but were also easy to dance in was particularly refreshing.”It was especially refreshing, as a dancer, to see someone who effectively created looks that looked great on camera, but were also comfortable to dance in.”

Kylie Jefferson’s Style

Kylie Jefferson style
Image: Instagram

“For presentation purposes, darling, [my go-to dance outfit] would be a long-sleeved leotard with a low v-cut in the back with black stirrup tights and brown ballet shoes or pointe shoes. Or, if we’re in rehearsal, I love a good sports bra with some sweatpants and socks,” Jefferson said. Jefferson said. She likes Joah Brown and House of CB as well as designers she’s involved in outside the studio. “I’m a Nike girl. I love Jordans. My favorite designer sneaker would be a Balenciaga runner. Yeah. I get a little bougie sometimes.”

Here some more looks of Neveah from Tiny Pretty Things

Tiny Pretty Things Cover ft Kylie Jefferson

Tiny Pretty Things

Tiny Pretty Stuff is an American television drama streaming series based on Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton’s novel of the same name, produced by Michael MacLennan. On December 14, 2020, it debuted on Netflix.

Created by: Michael MacLennan

Actors: Lauren Holly,Kylie Jefferson,Casimere Jollette

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