Why Mysterious Monoliths Keep Appearing Around the World?

Mystery monoliths

Over the past few weeks, monoliths have popped up in unexpected locations, like an American desert, a British beach and a Belgian plain.

Since mid-November, some of these tall, glossy pillars have been noticed at locations across the globe without notice or clarification.

This time it’s Poland. People spotted a mysterious triangular shaped pillar near the bank of river Vistula in Warsaw, Poland on 10 December, 2020. Local media report suggests it’s 10 ft. tall and has a faded silver colored shiny surface.

“A mysterious and unusual installation has emerged on the beach of the right bank of river Vistula,” Warsaw’s Vistula district officials wrote on their Facebook page.

Visitors watching the mysterious monolith which appeared at the bank of river Vistula, Poland.

It all started when a helicopter crew flying over a remote area of the Utah desert counting sheep spotted a curious statue below, the first one was found in the World.

This metal monolith was discovered on November 18 and just as mysteriously vanished as it emerged on November 27.

A monolith appeared in and disappeared from a Utah desert in November (AP)

The polished metal monolith emerged on the other side of the globe on the Romanian hillside at the same time as the Utah one disappeared.

A few days after it was first noticed near the Petrodava Dacian Fortress, a local archaeological landmark in the northern Neamt area, the structure vanished.

A new monolith was spotted soon afterwards at the top of a mountain trail in southern California before it disappeared as well.

And people came across a tall shiny monolith on a beach on the Isle of Wight during the first weekend of December. The pillar on the west side of the island was seen on Compton Beach.

In the center of a field in Baasrode in Belgium in December, a metal monolith also unexpectedly emerged.

People inspect a metal monolith in a field in Baasrode in Belgium on 8 December (EPA)

Since the first monolith in the US was discovered, Spain, Germany and Colombia have all seen odd tall structures crop up.

Back in the UK, on the top of Glastonbury Tor, one with the words “Not Banksy” also emerged.

An unknown group named The Most Popular Artist took credit for the ones in Utah and California as mystery shrouded the first monoliths, and is selling several replicas for $45,000 (£34,000) each.

When asked about the Isle of Wight structure, however it said At this point, the monolith is out of my control.” Godspeed to all the aliens working hard to spread the myth across the world.

A West Sussex artist has taken credit for the monolith on the Isle of Wight, claiming he built it just for fun.”

A shiny monolith has appeared on an Isle of Wight beach (@AlexiaRFishwick via REUTERS)

“Tom Dunford, 29, told the BBC to explain his choice of location: “If the aliens were to come down, I believe they will head to the best spot in Tier-1 [Covid restrictions], which is the Isle of Wight.

Comparisons with the movie 2001 have been ignited by the structures: A Space Odyssey, where an alien monolith is a constant emblem that seems to play a part in human evolution’s creation.

Local news channel KSLTV told Bret Hutchings, a helicopter pilot who first discovered the Utah monolith, he figured the constructs could be from a new wave artist” or someone who was a Stanley Kubrick movie fan.

Speaking about the Romanian monolith, the Piatra Neamt mayor Andrei Carabelea took it to Facebook and wrote: “There is no reason to panic for those who think there is still life in the universe.”

“My guess is that some alien, cheeky and terrible teenagers left home with their parents’ UFO and started planting metal monoliths around the world,” the mayor said. “First in Utah and then at Piatra Neamt. I am honoured that they chose our city.”

The loss of monoliths has also been accompanied by speculation.

A Colorado photographer told KSTU-TV that one night he saw four men come to the remote Utah site and push over the hollow, stainless steel piece, saying as they walked away, “leave no trace.”

Two extreme sports athletes said that they were part of a party that ripped down the hollow metal frame because they were concerned about the damage caused to the largely intact location by the droves of tourists.

A monolith stands on a Stadium Park hillside in Atascadero in California (AP)

Officials said visitors flattened vegetation with vehicles and left human waste behind.

In the meantime, officials in the Californian town of Atascadero reported that their monolith had been broken down by a party of young men who had driven to remove it for five hours in the middle of the night.

Heather Moreno, the local mayor, said We are disappointed that these young men feel the need to travel five hours to come into our city and vandalize the monolith.’ “In an otherwise stressful moment, the monolith was something special and enjoyable.

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