Geena Davis Interview on Improving Opportunities For Women on Screen

Geena Davis on Increasing Women Opportunities: Has it truly been thirty years since the end of the Vietnam War? Ridley Scott’s feminist buddy comedy “Thelma & Louise” was regarded one of the most impactful pictures of a generation almost from the day it premiered in 1991.

In the film, Geena Davis played Thelma to Susan Sarandon’s Louise – although she was signed to play either character. Davis: “I was going to be in that movie.” ‘I have to be in that movie’, I said.

“Did you realize then that it would receive the type of reaction that it did?” Tracy Smith questioned.

“The answer is a categorical no. Aucune personne ne savait. A little film with a very minimal budget, we just hoped people would view it and not be disappointed by the finale. We had no idea that would touch such a nerve.”

“Beetlejuicenewly-dead “‘s bride and “The Accidental Touristdog-trainer “‘s were just a few of Davis’ notable female characters of the period.

A different level was reached in the film “Thelma and Louise”.

Then he said, “And of course people exclaimed, ‘This changes everything.'”

Davis agreed.

Geena Davis on increasing opportunities for women on screen

How did it turn out? “The possibilities are endless. Oh, no! As a result, the modification hasn’t taken place yet “In response, Davis giggled. “I’m still waiting,” she said.

An industry where women have as many opportunities as males, is what she’s yearning for.

Her personal advocacy began in 2004, when she observed that there were a lot more guys than girls in the shows her little daughter was watching at the time. “This Changes Everything” describes how Davis commissioned a research and shared the results with studio officials, who began hiring more female actors. “It’s 50-50 now,” she added.

Geena Davis in “A League of Their Own,” Penny Marshall’s comedy-drama about women ball players.

Other issues, however, are more difficult to address.

Is it getting better for women in their 50s and beyond?” Smith questioned.

“No, no, no, no. That’s not the case. Actresses over the age of 50 have distinct challenges than male performers over the same age. Ich glaube, dass die meisten Frauen in ihre 20s sind und die meisten Männer in ihre 30s und 40s.”

The Bentonville Film Festival, held annually in Bentonville, Ark., is a showcase for films that emphasise on diversity. Chances are what’s truly on show here — and Davis knows all about them.

It was her employment as a model in New York City that helped her earn her first movie part. Davis, a Victoria’s Secret model, landed the role alongside Dustin Hoffman in 1982’s Tootsie.

She was much more than simply a lovely face, as it turned out. As Muriel Pritchett in “The Accidental Tourist” (1989), Davis was nominated for an Academy Award. But just before the event, she’d watched a show where critics said she had little chance of winning.

“I was just like, ‘Oh. Oh, I see. Oh, all right. Well, I guess I’ll still go. I’m all dressed up!'” she said.

Geena Davis won the Oscar for best actress. “This year, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson were the ones who handed out the prize. As she handed it to me, Melanie kissed me. A pink kiss mark on my cheek was on my mind. It seems like I’m a little shy or something when I make my acceptance speech. The kiss mark on my face was an accident!”

1992, coming off “Thelma & Louise,” she was a standout baseball player in “A League of Their Own.” In reality, she didn’t even know how to wield a bat correctly. “I didn’t know how to play baseball, or any other sport for that matter. As a child, I was not athletic at all. I’ve always been the tallest kid in school. I was not only the tallest girl in my class, but also the tallest student in my grade. I was very self-conscious and didn’t want to do anything physical for fear of ridicule. On the girls’ basketball team, they were often urging me to join. Basketball is not something I know how to do. Just stand there, they said. Tallest girl in town. ‘Join the team!’

However, the pressure was on for me to be the finest baseball player everyone had ever seen.

Apparently, she was a natural-born runner. At age 41, she nearly made it onto the U.S. archery squad. Davis stated, “I’ve gotten pretty excellent.” Yeah, in less than a year I qualified for the Olympic Trials.

“What do you believe that done to you mentally?” Smith enquires.

“It was a great experience. In the end, it was all about the points. You either hit them or you didn’t.”

Hollywood’s game seems to be more subjective.

‘Do you believe that Hollywood is now understanding it?’ Smith questioned.

“In my opinion, yes. “Black Widow,” you know, was a recent box office triumph. This is a path that I think we’re absolutely heading in, There are definitely more blockbusters with women in the starring roles, which is wonderful.”

The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award was Davis’ second Oscar in 2019. As she nears the age of 65, her more personal ambition remains unattainable.

Davis was asked whether she would want to have more possibilities “As a result of my efforts to acquire more female parts in movies and television, I joke that at some time, this will actually help me personally as well. It hasn’t happened yet.”

When Smith asked him if it was odd for him, he said, “Yes.”


“The fact that there aren’t more components available on the market. If you won an Oscar a couple of years ago, then people are aware of you. It’s not like you don’t exist.”

I mean, if you look at individuals my age, there are so few that are working steadily. Davis claimed that he was a fan of the “For individuals my age and older, there are very few pieces, you know? Basically, it’s simply poor luck, really.”

Though she is an impatient optimist, Davis has defied the odds before. As with her finest movies, you never know how it’s going to finish in real life as well.

Davis responded, “It’s not a “There is a country-and-western song that says, “Have you seen a gravestone with the words “I wish I’d spent more time at work?” You can’t say that!”

“But you …?”

“Actually, I do wish I worked more, yeah. Actually. I’m fine, but it would have been nice.”

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