Jennifer Lopez Kisses Ben Affleck in Bikini Amid Dating Rumors

Jennifer Lopez marked her 52nd birthday with Ben Affleck by releasing some of her sexiest photos till date. JLO’s birthday pictures are so sexy, they will leave you stunned.

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck are reportedly dating

Singing and acting icon Jennifer Lopez turned 52 on July 24. She is certainly living her best life now. J.Lo and Ben Affleck were vacationing on a yacht in the south of France when J.Lo shared one of their sexiest photos ever. After a display of photos of herself in a string bikini, cap, gold jewelry and a transparent cover-up, the couple were seen kissing passionately.

J.Lo later shared a video of herself wearing the sexy swimsuit on the deck. “52!” she said in the clip, later twirling around.

Jennifer’s BFF Leah Remini, who turned 51 in June, released a picture montage from her recent birthday celebration on Thursday, July 22. ‘King of Queens’ alum J.Lo posed with Ben and J.Lo in a photo booth picture.

Following J.Lo’s breakup with Alex Rodriguez in April, Ben and J.Lo reconnected. Jenifer was also engaged to the former Yankees player, who just departed on a boat trip in Europe ahead of his 46th birthday on Tuesday, July 27.

Saturday, Jennifer uploaded a YouTube homage to her birthday, which included clips from her and Maluma’s “Lonely” music video. Just destroy your ego before it kills you, the clip’s clever lyrics said.

Zane Lowe asked Jennifer about her personal life in an interview on Apple Music 1 earlier this month. She claimed she is having a difficult time “This is the finest period of my life, and I’m ecstatic about it. Everyone usually asks, “How are you?” What’s happening? ‘Are you all right?’ This is the end of the road. I’ve never been in a better place than now.”


In an interview with earlier this week, a source said that Bennifer and Justin are “totally devoted” to one other, but that they’re not in a rush to be married again.

A source close to the couple stated, “They’ve been integrating their lives and families and don’t feel the need to get married or even be engaged.” It is not required because they have both been there and have no desire to go again.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Makes Their Relationship Official With PDA Pictures on Instagram

In 2002, Lopez and Affleck, dubbed Bennifer, were engaged. Her relationship with Alex Rodriguez ended earlier this year, and she resumed her romance with Affleck.

In a video montage, actress Leah Remini posted a shot of herself with J.Lo and Ben Affleck in June.

In a black-and-white shot with Remini, the pair made their Instagram debut. The 48-year-old Oscar winner is shown in the middle as he wraps his arms around Lopez and Remini. Lopez and Remini are seated in the centre of the photo.

It was revealed this week that Lopez will be celebrating her birthday keeping a low profile.

Geburtstage, she laughed, “keep on coming.” With friends, having fun, raising a glass and giving a toast – that’s how I’ll be celebrating.

While Lopez was willing to talk about her personal life, she was reluctant to disclose her renewed romance with her partner, stating simply, “I am pleased!”

After her split, the Hustlers star told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that she’s enjoying the “greatest time of my life.”

Meanwhile, Bennifer was photographed house shopping in Los Angeles during the week before to her trip to New York. “Friends wouldn’t be surprised if they move in together and end up together,” a source told ET.

“Every spare moment they have is spent with each other. “J.Lo” falls hard this time around, as well as “Ben” “Source: “As a person who does his own thing, J.Lo appreciates Ben’s attitude. “He’s got his own life and is more famous in a different manner than she is.” They adore and support one another.”

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