Robert Downey Jr.’s Father Robert Downey Sr. Dies at Age 85 | Robert Downey Jr. Writes Heartfelt Facebook Post

Robert Downey Jr. with his father Robert Downey Sr.

The actor and the filmmaker most famous for classical movies like Robert Downey Sr “Tuesday night, after the fighting of Parkinson’s illness, Putney Swope and “Greeser’s Palace” died, said his son Robert Downey Jr. He was eighty-five.

The younger Downey revealed the death of his father on Wednesday via the social media.

RIP Bob D. Sr. 1936-2021…Last night, dad passed peacefully in his sleep after years of enduring the ravages of Parkinson’s ..he was a true maverick filmmaker, and remained remarkably optimistic throughout..According to my stepmoms calculations, they were happily married for just over 2000 years.
Rosemary Rogers-Downey, you are a saint, and our thoughts and prayers are with you.

“They were blissfully married for almost 2000 years, according to my stepmothers’ estimations. You are a saint, Rosemary Rogers-Downey, with you our thoughts and prayers “The post was finished.

Robert Downey Sr. is survived by son Downey Jr., daughter Allyson Downey and wife Rogers.

Who Was Robert Downey Sr.?

The legendary cinematographer was born in New York City and is recognized most often for directing “Putney Swope,” which was made in 1969 and was then taken over by an African American activist at a publicity firm. His other movie credits are “Balls Bluff’s” from 1961, “Babo 73” from 1964, “No More Excuses” from 1968, “Pound” from 1970 and “Greaser’s Palace” from 1972.

Downey Sr. also took part in films including “Boogie Nights” in 1997, “Magnolia” in 1999 and “The Family Man” in 2000.

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Although the filmmaker preferred to shy away from the press, he gave an interview with the New York Post in 2001 on his Oscar-nominated son, who then had to face the drug accusations.

“I’ve got plenty of hope. If he can keep focused and conquer this, by his example, he can assist himself and many others,” remarked Downey Sr. at the time. “If you’re a film star, life is too simple. People will do anything they want and get you everything they want. It’s a terrible situation for Hollywood.”

In 2014, the younger Downey spoke to his father and promoted his feuding father and son film, “The Judge.”

He didn’t go to the studio or to a Tv-series; therefore I recall many times he just wrote home,” Downey Jr. told USA EVERYTHING. “It wasn’t a normal work. “In fact, there was far more time we would spend together than many of my friends. Now I recall that he was more personal and affectionate.”

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