GOT7 Members Bambam and Yugyeom To Exit The Group? JYPE May Lose Thailand and China Markets

Are Bambam and Yugyeom going out of GOT7?

Bambam and youngjae

Before GOT7 representatives renew their contracts, multiple heated disputes emerge on social networks, and fans claim that JYP Entertainment, regarded as the biggest entertainment mogul in South Korea, may lose a large portion of their market supremacy overseas if Bambam leaves next to him.

The Controversy

GOT7 representatives are in negotiations with the numerous organizations before their extension deal with JYPE after January 2021 according to several news agencies. GOT7 Yugyeom is expected to sign up for an exclusive contract signing with Hip-Hop Agency AOMG from Jay Park and Jinyoung is in negotiations with acting agency BH Entertainment. K-pop fans also speculate whether Thai rapper Bambam is the next to exit JYPE and the future impacts.

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JYPE May Lose Overseas Market (Thailand & China)

JYPE’s GOT7 deemed as one of the most successful international K-pop group consists of seven members, JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. JYP Entertainment from the United States and Thailand scouted Mark and Bambam among the seven participants. Jackson is a singer from Hong Kong and has joined others after numerous audition rounds in South Korea. According to the fan groups, Jackson has played a role in the development of a party supremacy in China and so forth. Bambam is responsible for introducing Thailand-based big house commercials. Fans speculate that JYPE can just lose some of the biggest market shares in Overseas with the imminent fear of GOT7 members leaving JYP Entertainment and lose their spot in South Korea’s ‘Big Three’ entertainment mogules league.

The Controversy: Rumor or Truth?

JYP said to the newspaper Newsen, “We’re still talking about various opportunities for GOT7 contracts, and when we get ready, we’re going to inform you.” Meanwhile, Yugyeom is allegedly leaning to AOMG and Jinyoung in the signing of an exclusive contract to BH Entertainment. Jackson’s name has also been established as a soloist, including its latest EDM hit ‘Pretty Please.’

Fan Reactions

Until the contract extension, GOT7 fans came up with some form of theories. Here’s what some of their ideas are. Another of the fans shouted “WE ALL KNOW YUGYÉOM AINT GONNA LEAVE HIS BAMBAM BEHIND SO BAMBAM Liberation NEXT,” and one fan noted, “No reason, no cause of jackson or losing bambam basically is like lost a shop. A fan said, ‘JYPE is about to lose Thailand and China,’ followed by ‘rush jype they are about to drop from the big three.’ Jype will not even be seen on the Thai and Chinese market. They’re bad. They’re bad! “Mark and jakkson are basically Thailand’s most popular artists in China, and bambam has 7 as a collective that is popular in both countries,’ he said. GOT7-1, JYPE-0! “There is another comment that, “I think jype has a worst year in this year, because it’s going to be 7 going out of its damned business,” said one of the users, “JYP BE READY.

On 30 November, GOT7 published its last album in the studio “Breath of Love: Last Piece.” Before the announcement of the JYP entertainment, the group’s lack of marketing was largely slammed. Before the album was released, a pre-release single ‘Breath.’

Watch the main single ‘Last Piece’ of the album:

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