HBO Max Will Premiere 10 Exclusive Movies From Warner Bros. in 2022

HBO Max 2022 Premier: If you have enjoyed your free Warner Bros. movies year on HBO Max, get some wonderful news. In conjunction with Warner Média CEO Jason Kilar, Warner Bros. and HBO Max will continue their work next year. The studio intends will produce 10 films for the streamer next year alone. While he emphasised that he will not stop broadcasts in local cinemas, he is aimed at boosting the growth of subscribers at HBO Max.

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Kilar told investors by CNBC about an AT&T earnings call. “The movie image format is extremely important.” In the first time ever, the studio is going to distribute tentpole films, even as brief windows and day and day releases are becoming rage in the post-pandemic existence on the HBO Max.

Kilar has also shown Warner Bros.’s success at the box office in Godzilla vs. Kong to support the new shift in revenue from cinemas for $462 million. “When it comes to the show itself, certain photos are so important and will remain important” stated Kilar.

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Kilar noted nevertheless that the business “does not return to a world where windows between theatre and house display were quite long in 2015, 2016 or 2017.” As a result, Warner Bros. will schedule shorter releases of its films before titles are released to HBO Max — although this is a completely different scenario to HBO Max from Kilar’s new 10 films.

Available only on HBO Max “On the first day” 2022, the studio producing films, apart from the theatre slate. No specifics on what those titles could be have been revealed at this time. While Warner Bros. published their complete series of pictures on the HBO Max “on the first day of this year,” the corporation seems to be moving away and growing into two divided paths: theatre-focusing films (with shorter windows) and films which drop on HBO Max straight away.

The news comes from the announcement of its subscriber increase in the latter quarter, with HBO and HBO Max reaching 47 million U.S. customers, up from 2,8 million in 2010. As of the end of June, global subscriber numbers rose to 67.5 million from the previous quarter of 63.9 million.

Kilar concluded his declaration by adding WarnerMedia’s distribution plan for films for Warner Bros. to “continue to develop and innovate in ways that work for our business partners, and that work with customers and fans.”

After a year of enormous blockbusters like Space Jam’s sequel, a new Conjuring film, and In the Heights on HBO Max, in the next years the movie activity will be even larger than that.

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