Kevin Smith Explains He-Man & Masters of the Universe: Revelation’s Awful Review

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Masters of the Universe: Revelation
He-Man & Masters of the Universe: Revelation

He-Man & Masters of the Universe: Revelation—Every time it breaks, it can be repaired. Kevin Smith envisions Masters of the Universe: Revelation in two parts.

This new animated series picks up directly after the events of the classic animation from the 1980s. Castle Grayskull is under siege by Skeletor (voiced by Mark Hamill) and his soldiers, who are vying for the magic orb that created all of Eternia. It is revealed that Prince Adam has been moonlighting as the Master of the Universe, and He-Man, Moss Man, and magic are all destroyed in the confrontation with He-Man (Chris Wood).

Later, when Teela (Sarah Michelle Gellar) has found a new life away from Grayskull, she rallies her old friends and even brings Adam back from Preternia to make a new power sword. Skeletor reappears in episode five, murdering Adam for the second time and taking the Power Sword for himself. So yes, a lot of things have transpired since the last update.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Smith, who developed and executive-produces Revelation, discussed all of this and where we’re headed in part 2, which has yet to be revealed.

What Kevin Smith Said on ‘He-Man Masters of the Universe: Revelation’

You’ve seen the first part, I’ve seen the second portion. Toys can be broken, but then put back together again, maybe in a more fascinating fashion. As part of our manifesto, we said, “You’re a spiritual successor to the 80s cartoons that everyone remembers.” Rather, it was “reinvent this, and then blast it up.”

As a literal translation, it meant “keep the narrative going.” As much respect as possible must be shown. All of these characters sound and feel like the characters from the other show. We are simply maturing them. Everything changes on a dime as Moss Man is brought in and Skeletor murders Moss Man. All of a sudden, we find ourselves in a new universe of stakes.


We don’t think of it that way. Let’s simply up the stakes. I think that’s one thing the earlier cartoons didn’t have in spades. Skeletor was never going to murder He-Man. If they were to clash swords, what would happen? On the old series, it would never have occurred. In the first half of the series , as well as in part 2, we had a head count.

Q: Pitching this idea to the gatekeepers of He-Man Masters of the Universe: Revelation, was it difficult to be like, “We make a He-Man series but kick out He-Man from it?

Honestly, my two partners in this, my two bosses, [Rob David of Mattel Television and Ted Biaselli, of Netflix], they were the biggest creative influencers for me. I’ve never had that experience before. In general, you don’t want to hear from the upper management, the creative executives, since they tend to destroy things with their notes.

These two cats improved the situation. In fact, they both know far more about the mythos of Masters of the Universe than the average person would ever come to understand. So, the pitch was simple and straightforward. Series was originally called The End of the Universe. Teddy was a bit of a mess “A little too much spoiler. This time, let’s go with a more neutral title.”

This is the source of Revelation. My presentation was met with disbelief when I showed it to Rob “What a wonderful idea! Let’s get going!” As a result, I was pleasantly surprised when Rob said, “We’re going to pitch it to Netflix and see if they’ll purchase it.” “This deal has already been closed off. Just decide if you’re going to be in command or not.” In other words, pitching it was a piece of cake!

The same way you would approach Superman, we approached He-Man the same way you would Superman. Someone who can practically accomplish anything is at your service. Was soll ich with dieser Information machen? What’s the source of the dispute here? Skeletor and He-Man have been in battle for 40 years, so you start there. Suppose one of them eventually succeeds in getting what they want.

What would happen if they were to perish in combat? In Metropolis, what happens if Superman is taken out of the city? In Metropolis, everyone’s identity is based on Superman’s existence. “Everyone in Eternia is based on He-identity.” Man’s Eventually, everyone will have to grow up, evolve, and accept responsibility for their own life.

All flashbacks show that [He-Man] is alive. We see him again at the conclusion of episode 4 when he is discovered to be alive in Preternia. [Comic book writer] John Ostrander, who invented the Suicide Squad, gave me the plot beat. Grimjack is a comic book that he wrote many years ago. Grimjack is slain at one point and travels to their version of paradise.

Grimjack needs to make a decision: Do I stay with my everlasting reward, or do I go back to the ones I love? Were we lucky enough to receive a second season, the real work would begin with Adam and He-Man.

Teela is in for a big year, as I’m sure you’ve witnessed. Characters have a couple times in the episode where they’re like, “Teela, yes! You and I share a particular relationship.” “And then,” he continued “No! We’ve got a lot of work to do.” And they move. We do not broach this subject. We’re heading in that direction.

Teela has always been a hero. Every episode of the programme has included Teela, who has fought alongside He-Man. “It was not necessary that he should defend her.” During Adam’s childhood, she sheltered him from the outside world. She acted as his bodyguard, protecting him from harm. One of the episodes had a pretty fascinating narrative aspect.

Teela’s connection with the Sorceress was at issue. “Let’s see where that goes,” we thought. As a result, we were able to bring Teela to the forefront. Her adventure is what we’re interested in following. He-Man and Grayskull were equally important to her, but she later learned that it was all based on a falsehood.

In part 2, all the things that individuals have been attempting to discuss with Teela are ultimately brought to light. You’ll see that, by the conclusion of episode 5, Adam has been resurrected and then killed again. It looks like he’ll be returning, but I can’t say for sure. There’s no need to panic if you’re sitting there thinking, “They murdered He-Man!” Kenny [from South Park] would be a good comparison. He’ll be back, I’m sure.

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