Paris Hilton Is Pregnant: Kim Kardashian Featured in “Cooking With Paris”, Netflix Cooking Show

Paris Hilton Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Paris Hilton is expecting a child. Carter Reum, her fiancé, is allegedly expecting their first child together. Hilton, 40, disclosed in January that she was having IVF therapy. The couple had been dating for a year. All the time we speak about [planning a wedding] and our baby’s names.

Hilton stated in January that he will resign in February Hilton and Reum met through common acquaintances, a source told Page Six. They were first seen together at a Golden Globes afterparty in January, the source added. It was announced on Instagram in April that the couple were dating. This is what Hilton stated in the caption: “I adore being yours and knowing that you are mine.”

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Paris Hilton-Kim Kardashian Netflix Cooking Show:

Paris Hilton, who is unable to cook, is launching her own cooking show on Netflix on August 4, according to Variety. With her celebrity friends, she’ll be cooking and shopping in posh clothes in her new series. It’s basically a continuation of her popular YouTube video from 2020, in which she prepared a terrible (and potentially inedible) lasagna, which went viral on YouTube.

Cooking With Paris Kim Kardashian
Cooking With Paris trailer

Cooking With Paris has a trailer in case you were curious what the show might look like. As soon as she hears “That’s hot—literally,” she cracks the joke. As a side note, we should mention that Paris does occasionally switch to her natural voice.

In one of her reality programmes, it’s a nice surprise to hear her “baby voice,” even if she seems to flip back and forth between the two voices. There have been years of allegations that Paris Hilton cut her friend and aide Kim Kardashian out of her life once Kim supplanted her as the largest reality star turned mega-celebrity. But now, thanks to a sneak peek at the programme, it’s clear that the two are genuinely on good terms.

Kitchen Fail in “Cooking With Paris”:

Netflix unveiled the teaser for Paris Hilton’s new cooking programme, Cooking with Paris, on Tuesday.

From the grocery store to the table, Kim Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Nikki Glaser, Saweetie, Lele Pons, and Nicky and Kathy cook a dinner from start to finish in this six-part series.

They settle down for a lavish-looking supper in the trailer and appear happy with their meal at first. Kourtney Kourtney worked as Paris Hilton’s secretary before she became famous. “Wait a minute, I said too soon,” I replied. “Ew,” says Hilton.

While cooking a hamburger on the stovetop with a glittery spatula, Hilton exclaims “Oh my, I burnt the diamonds off!” in another footage.

Some of Hilton’s questions about kitchen essentials are hilariously recorded. In response, Kardashian wonders, “What is a tong?”

“Cooking with Paris” is based on a viral YouTube video of the heiress preparing lasagna, according to a Netflix announcement.

More than a year after Hilton’s YouTube documentary This Is Paris, the new series will give an inside look into her childhood trauma and media perception, as well as at the redefinition of her brand.

Hilton told in May 2020 that she is working on a cookbook. A sneak glimpse of the cover may be seen in the Netflix teaser, but no release date has been set.

With Hilton’s characteristic comedy and renowned one-liners, Culinary with Paris promises to “flip the standard cooking programme upside down.”

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