Venom: Let There Be Carnage Trailer Released: Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson’s CGI Fight

Venom Let There Be Carnage Trailer

Venom: Let There Be Carnage latest trailer (2) has been out, and it depicts Carnage’s genesis narrative in the film. Tom Hardy returns to the big screen as reporter Eddie Brock in the trailer (below).

Brock, who was coupled with the symbiote lifeform Venom in the previous film, appears to be fighting for control of his life with the extraterrestrial parasite.

The video also shows off Woody Harrelson’s portrayal of Cletus Kasady and Sony’s interpretation of his metamorphosis into Venom’s symbiote antagonist Carnage. If you’re unfamiliar with Carnage, you can read more about him in this Times Read piece from earlier this year.

Kasady, a notorious serial murderer, is seen being imprisoned in California’s San Quentin State Prison throughout the trailer. We hear Woody Harrelson’s character remark, “What’s mine is yours… and what’s yours, is mine,” before biting into the skin of Brock’s arm during a meeting between Kasady and Brock. “I have tasted blood before, and that is not it,” Kasady continues, as the trailer cuts to a clip of him morphing into Carnage.

Carnage appears to have a somewhat different genesis tale. In the original comic book plot, Venom leaves its child in a jail cell, and the offspring enters Kasady through a wound on his hand; nevertheless, it appears that the transfer is a little more violent in this case.

Multiple action sequences pitting Brock and Kasady’s symbiote alternatives against one another can be found throughout the trailer. A worried Venom appears to be hesitant to assist Eddie Brock in taking on a formidable-looking Carnage in one moment in particular. Despite the fact that most of the narrative of the film is yet unknown, it appears that Carnage will be as destructive, brutal, and strong as ever.

According to IGN, Venom actor Tom Hardy spent months pondering narrative ideas for the Venom sequel and will be credited with a “Story by” credit as a result.

Aside from Carnage, the teaser features a number of humorous exchanges between Eddie and Venom, as well as a few views of Naomi Harris’ Shriek, whose ability to control sound will very definitely play a key role in whether Venom or Carnage survive the film.

At a time when Spider-Man, probably the most significant piece of the bigger Venom jigsaw, is rather busy off in another reality that’s recently fractured into a new multiverse, it’s intriguing to see a Venom film bringing together so many parts of the character’s past in a cohesive way.

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