Trump Supporters Storms US Capitol Building as Lawmakers Start Counting Electoral Votes. A Woman Shot

President Donald Trump’s supporters broke the US Capitol and a woman was shot as one of the biggest US buildings was attacked by violent mob after Trump called for his supporters to counter the ceremonial election vote of President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol. Law Enforcement Officers Draw Guns in the House.
Trump Supporters Storm US Capitol. Law Enforcement Officers Draw Guns in the House.

Shortly after 1 p.m. Hundreds of pro-Trump demonstrators threw down walls along the outskirts of the Capitol, chattering with full-fledged police, some calling them “traitors” to do their work. Around 90 minutes later, police told protesters that they had gone into the building and closed the doors of the House and the Senate. Shortly afterwards, police destroyed the floor of the building.

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At the front door of the Building, an armed standoff took place at 3 p.m. They had their arms drawn at someone who was attempting to violate ET and police authorities. Even on the Senate dais was a Trump fan.

After being shot in the chest on the Capitoli site, the woman is in critical condition, according to two established reports. Further information on the conditions of the shooting could not be given by the reports.

Rioters were excluded from the floor of the Senate from 3:30 p.m. ET, and an officer told the CNN that the house wing and the Rotunda were successfully taken from them and removed from Capitol’s eastern and western gate.

If all of the persons are in detention is not clear.

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Vice President Mike Pence has had a hand in counting electoral votes evacuated from Capitol.

Video showing Trump supporters marching into the Statuary Hall from inside the Capitol. The United States Capitol Police, and federal officials, are seeking external help from a recognized source.

A order for additional DC national guard troops from the US Capitol Police was issued by the Ministry for Security, but according to a senior defense officer a decision was not reached.

He said it was not expected that DC National Guard would be used to defend federal infrastructure and earlier this week, the trump administration agreed that civil law enforcement would be responsible, the official said.

The source claims that outside the Capitol building there are some suspicious machines.

According to a familiar person, House and Senate leadership is secure and non-disclosed. A separate legislator said that representatives of the House had been evacuated from this site.

The U.S. Capitol Police operates first to protect and extend the second floor of the capital. The DC Metropolitan Police Force begins to mass outside the Capitol, but no big move into the crowd has even been made.

The police agent in the house of Capitol told the legislators that they would have to duck their seats and advised the legislators that demonstrators were in the Rotonda building. Many members of the House were seen running between Capitol buildings wearing gas masks. Members called their friends to tell them they’re all right.

Whilst the White House declined to comment on the demonstrations, Trump said on Twitter: “Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement.

Other citizens tweeted their pleas for peace in the President’s circle while the crowd threatened constantly to take over the house.

Donald Trump, Son of the President, said “wrong and not who we are.” his followers who mobbed the Capitol.

“Be peaceful and use your 1st Amendment rights, but don’t start acting like the other side. We have a country to save and this doesn’t help anyone,” he tweeted.

The protestors broke the external security walls and video imagery reveals the demonstrators assemble in the Capitol Building and clash with police. A number of demonstrators on the field noticed CNN’s staff attempting to rise on the Capitol’s edge. There were a lot of loud light bangs.

Demonstrators could be seen moving concrete blocks and police into the clusters to force demonstrators out, while some reached the top and attempted to cross their positions.

As smoke filled the air, flashes could be heard close to the steps of the Capitol. Officers with pepper spray might be used in some cases. Tear gas has been used, but whether the protestors or the police have caught people’s eyes crying, is not clear.

Muriel Bowser, Mayor of Washington, has declared an urban curfew on 6 p.m. ET before 6 a.m. on Wednesday. And Thursday. And Thursday.

According to a federal law enforcement officer, the federal and local police respond to warnings of suspected pipe bombs at various sites in Washington DC. Whether or not the machines are genuine or a fake remains unknown, but they are considered real.

Republican Kevin McCarthy calls on protesters beyond Capitol America to “remain peaceful.”

According to Capitol security, the US Capitol is reportedly closed. Congress is currently in session to count and certify the votes of the President and Vice-President of the Electoral College.

The US Capitol Hill Police Brings More Law Enforcement for Help — Includes Federal Authorities

The United States Capitol Police, and federal officials, are seeking external help from a recognized source.

The source said that outside the Capitol Building there are many suspected machines.

The DC Metropolitan Police has shipped new equipment, including CDU platoons and civil disorder teams, to support the Capitol Troops.

Reaction of Donald Trump Jr. Amid Violent Protests at The Capitol Building: “This is wrong and not who we are”

Donald Trump Jr. criticized the activists outside the house and said “This is wrong and not who we are”.

In a tweet, he encouraged protesters to be peaceful “and to exercise your first amendment rights but don’t begin to behave like the other side.

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