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Aziah “Zola” King and the subsequent Roling Stone article “Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind The Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted” by David Kushner, Zola (stylised as @zola) is a 2020 American Black comedy movie based on a viral Twitter thread. The Taylour Paige starring Zola, the part-time stripper who’s persuaded with his new buddy (Riley Keough) to fly to Tampa, Florida to make a living only to be in over his head. Colman Domingo, Nicola, and Ari’el Stachel are leading a show by Janicza Bravo and Jeremy O. Harris.

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Zola (@Zola)

  • Release: June 30, 2021
  • Cast: Taylour Paige, Riley Keough, Nicholas Braun, Ari’el Stachel, Colman Domingo
  • Based on: “Zola Tells All: The Real Story Behind the Greatest Stripper Saga Ever Tweeted” by David Kushner Tweets by Aziah “Zola” King
  • Runtime: 90 minutes
  • File Size: 800MB

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Aziah Zola, the self-confident server in Detroit and part-time dancer met Stefani, a brash, extroverted stripper, while she served her. This night Stefani asks Zola to join the club, and both of them develop a fast relationship. Stefani suggests to accompany Zola on the next day on the road to Tampa, Florida, where Stefani says they might make considerable money. Zola accompanies Stefani and Stefani’s bashful boyfriend Derrek on a road trip, her strange roommate, X.

Stefani, Zola and X abandon Dierek in a dingy motel on their arrival in Tampa between visits to the club, where they allege that Stefani has paid more than USD $5,000 in one night for his pals. They both play at the club, but they don’t net as much as Stefani requested. Afterwards, Zola finds that Stefani and X placed pictures of her as well as Stefani on a backpage ad offering sex with them for a night. Zola’s attempts to escape, but X, who turns out to be Stefani’s pimp, is threatened.

X carries the ladies to an upscale inn, where Stefani continues to have intercourse with a male customer. Zola, who doesn’t wish to take an interest, is insulted when she discovers that X is charging just $150 for each sexual experience Stefani has. Zola alters the Backpage ad to assist Stefani with bringing in cash; before the night’s over, Stefani has made more than $8,000. X is at first offended by Zola’s intercession, however becomes intrigued. In the interim, Derrek, passed on to his own gadgets, becomes friends with a man named Dion whom he meets at the inn. At the point when X, Stefani, and Zola get back to the inn, X is angered to find that Derrek educated Dion about their justification visiting Tampa. Stressed that Dion and his companion will burglarize them, X powers the gathering to escape.

Subsequent to showing up at another inn, X organizes Stefani to see more customers at different areas, while a hesitant Zola holds on to guarantee Stefani’s security. At the point when Derrek acknowledges Stefani is again captivating in prostitution, he contends with her, noteworthy to Zola that Stefani has maneuvered different artists toward accidentally partaking in comparable prostitution rackets. Zola is infuriated and loses all confidence in Stefani. Derrek and Stefani’s quarreling is hindered when X rushes in with Baybe, his sweetheart and madam, who is equipped with a firearm. In the wake of quieting the circumstance, X gives Zola a firearm for the ladies’ assurance, and Stefani and Zola are conveyed so Stefani can keep on gathering with customers.

After Stefani participates in a group bang with numerous men at a private home, the two ladies visit another inn, where a customer has reacted to their Backpage advertisement. After opening the lodging entryway, Stefani is gotten by the customer and constrained into the room. A panicked Zola escapes and calls X and Derrek on her telephone. The three re-visitation of the room and discover the men inside are Dion and an assistant, furnished with shotguns, who have acted like customers to deny Stefani of her profit. At gunpoint, X offers the men $50,000, alongside ownership of Zola, in the event that they let him and Derrek leave with Stefani, who has been beaten oblivious. As Zola is grabbed by Dion, X figures out how to take out the firearm Zola has in her handbag, then, at that point shoots Dion in the throat. The gathering escape the inn, discarding Dion’s firearms by tossing them into the Tampa Bay.

The gathering at last show up at a huge, extravagant home X offers with Baybe. At the point when X promotes his ownership of Stefani, Derrek takes steps to end it all should Stefani stay faithful to X. Derrek at last hurls himself over an overhang, arrival on concrete underneath and harming his head. Zola, Stefani, and X pass on to take Derrek to the emergency clinic. In the vehicle, Stefani broadcasts her affection for Zola, yet is met with cool repugnance as a depleted Zola disregards her.

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