How to Watch and Download ‘SETTLERS’ Free | British Science Fiction Thriller | Tribeca Film Festival

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How to Watch and Download ‘SETTLERS’ Free | British Science Fiction Thriller | Tribeca Film Festival

The early inhabitants of humanity near the Martian border do whatever they need to overcome the cosmic obstacles.

Settlers is a slow drama directed by Wyatt Rockefeller, a British science fiction film. The question of settling down or exploring new wunderlands is played by human confusion. Historically, 99 percent of human lives have been nomads, but today’s civilization has other terminology. Can we overcome our nature and sit on a piece of land that suffocates us daily?

Rockefeller’s videos portray a family living in far alien countries. He investigates the uncertainty further via them.

How to Watch and Download ‘SETTLERS’ Free | British Science Fiction Thriller | Tribeca Film Festival


Release: The film had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on 18 June 2021. It is scheduled to be released on 23 July 2021 in the US. IFC Midnight acquired U.S. distribution rights to the film. 


  • Sofia Boutella as Ilsa
  • Nell Tiger Free as Remmy, age 18
  • Jonny Lee Miller as Reza
  • Ismael Cruz Córdova as Jerry
  • Brooklynn Prince as Remmy, age 9
  • Natalie Walsh as Stranger

Director: Wyatt Rockefeller


In a small town with his wife, Ilsa (Sofia Boutella) and Rémmy, a daughter of nine years, lives a mediaeval Reza (Jonny Lee Miller) (Brooklynn Prince). Nobody else lives on their tiny area, including a chicken farm and a greenhouse garden, which make them self-reliant. Except their curious daughter Remmy, whom he wishes to explore the world further, is everything absolutely banal. Her mom bans such behaviours, though.

In their window of the kitchen Remmy discovers the word “LEAVE,” that one awful morning terrifies her family. The private chat of Reza and Ilsa implies that you have an understanding of the mystery warning, but they kept back your daughter’s information. Three Khaki Rangers attack the household before anything significant is provided. Reza shoots them successfully and leaves the area to finish the task but never comes back again.

Ilsa and Remmy are in terror for their days waiting for Reza to return. A mysterious ranger with a weapon arrives and takes them as their surprise. to their astonishment.

How To Watch or Download ‘Settlers’

Settlers was at the Tribeca Film Festival on 18 June 2021, New York. However, you can watch it on British Amazon Prime (Amazon UK). Watch Settlers | Prime Video ( You may require a VPN to mask your location because the content might be geographically locked. It will cost you around $4.85 to rent the movie for 48 hours.

But, I am sure you are not here to know this. You want to know if there is any way you can watch it absolutely free of cost. Well, of course there are a couple of ways to watch the film free. You can always visit a torrent site and download the movie via torrent or directly stream it using the Magnet link at web torrent tracking services like

But, nowadays most countries have blocked torrent websites. Hence you can simply click on the following button and get to the direct download link of ‘Settlers’. You may need to overcome a few ads. Bookmark this website for more movies.

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Settlers Ending Explanation: *SPOILER ALERT

The baffling officer who showed up in their home was Jerry (Ismael Cruz Córdova). The house had a place with his folks. Jerry blamed Reza and Ilsa for killing his folks and assuming control over his place.

Ilsa at last admitted that they didn’t kill his mom. She was at that point dead when they showed up at the settlement. They were occupants of Earth directed to some other planet, however their vehicle framework severed, and they needed to arrive on this planet. Jerry’s dad took them in, however he pulled out a weapon on her when he got some answers concerning Ilsa’s pregnancy and their Earth association. In self-protection, she cut his throat and began living under a similar rooftop.

Theoretically, Jerry killed Reza before he arrived at the house, and because of progressing struggle, he killed Ilsa. Remmy was too feeble to even consider setting up a battle, however all as the years progressed, she arranged a break. During her visit to the edge of the settlement, Remmy found that the region is ensured through a straightforward glass-kind air. A metallic chamber was the lone way in or out of the glass sunken, however she required a breathing device to make due without the appropriate air.

Jerry persuaded Remmy that they have everything accessible in the settlement. There were different things outside it, however presently they were completely gone. On the off chance that she attempted to move out, she would be dead in a little while. Yet, succumbing to her interest, Remmy needed to visit the neglected grounds.

Remmy couldn’t genuinely bear to live with her folks’ killer. Also, Jerry was attempting to entice Remmy so he could keep his race going with infants. At first, he began a relationship with Ilsa, however Remmy was his solitary alternative to carry on the heredity after she was no more. Jerry thought he had a duty to proceed with his race, however Remmy would not like to partake in it. It turned into an evident clash between the two.

Jerry consumed all breathing devices so nobody set out to leave the settlement. Be that as it may, Remmy concealed one in a trunk under her bed. At the point when Jerry discovered, he attempted to attack her, however Remmy’s valuable Robot saved her life. Eventually, Remmy fired Jerry with a firearm and killed him for great.

Through her ability, Remmy reconstructed the Robot and made a breathing device for herself. She gave over the settlement to the Robot and left. With the assistance of an underground chamber, Remmy strolled to the opposite side of the environment to investigate new grounds and meet new individuals in the event that she endure the chances.

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