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Cooking With Paris Download

Cooking With Paris is an American reality cooking show hosted by Paris Hilton. The first season of the show is scheduled to release on 4 August, 2021.

Paris Hilton will host a six-part reality cookery series on Netflix in 2021, the streaming service announced on July 27th, 2021. Slivington Manor Entertainment’s Hilton will serve as executive producer, as will The Intellectual Property Corporation’s Aaron Saidman, Eli Holzman, and Rebecca Hertz.

Cooking With Paris Season 1 Episodes and Guests

No.TitleGuest(s)Original release date
1“Breakfast in the Clouds”Kim Kardashian WestAugust 4, 2021
2“Taco Night”SaweetieAugust 4, 2021
3“Vegan Burgers and Fries”Nikki GlaserAugust 4, 2021
4“Italian Night”Demi LovatoAugust 4, 2021
5“Get Over It Holiday Feast”Lele PonsAugust 4, 2021
6“Family Steak Night”Kathy Hilton
Nicky Hilton Rothschild
August 4, 2021

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This new series, which premieres on August 4, follows the former star of The Simple Life in her journey from the grocery store to her final table setting. Kim Kardashian West, Demi Lovato, Nikki Glaser, Saweetie, Lele Pons, Kathy and Nicki Hilton, among others, appear in the Netflix series, which was inspired by Paris’ famous YouTube video.

It all started with a viral video of me eating lasagna that I put on YouTube under confinement, Hilton stated in the Netflix press notes. “It was just a fun video that I shot at home during quarantine, and I had no clue how big of a hit it would be.” From there, it was all downhill from there.”

Her lasagna, which is layered with ground beef and ricotta and divided by the thinnest Barilla sheets, is shown to spectators. Hilton, who is dressed in denim pants and a black sweater adorned with a glitter cloud and rainbow, walks with surprising ease across the enormous kitchen. In a voice that lacks its typical high tone, she tells of cooking with her mother when she was a youngster. It’s a pleasure to have her share her culinary expertise with you! It received 5.1 million views despite Hilton’s lack of culinary expertise, but the video was nice, honest, and refreshing.

Cooking With Paris, currently available on Netflix, is a perplexing and cringe-worthy catastrophe, and I think its popularity had a role in its creation. It’s a shame that this reality star can’t match her documentary’s warmth and genuineness, and that she can’t match the campiness that made some of her earlier endeavors, like The Simple Life, guilty pleasures. A teenager who’s outgrown their juvenile pranks but can’t quite accept maturity, the programme has an uncomfortable, stagnant air to it.

As a result of its ill-conceived frivolity, the project is inescapably melancholy. Or maybe we’ve learned too much about the real Hilton, who’s full of paradoxes.

It’s promising to see what happens in the first few seconds of the show. “Lucky Charms” is the cereal that Paris is examining with seriousness while wearing an outrageous pink gown and matching pink mask. Meanwhile, pop music blares in the background, and golden light illuminates her face and body.

A camera team surrounds Hilton, and a microphone hovers over her flawlessly coiffed blonde hair. When the series acknowledges early on the fact that Hilton is a created character, it sets itself up to be wiser than it actually is.

“Taco Night with Saweetie” has Hilton mispronouncing terms like “brioche” and asking a store staff what chives look like and what she should do with them. In fact, it was difficult for me to grin at that nonsensical exchange.

But I stayed optimistic because I didn’t believe that Cooking With Paris was simply about the food; I thought it was much more than that. As well as Hilton herself, visitors like Kim Kardashian West and Demi Lovato join her in her beautiful kitchen to “help” her in cooking some of the most outlandish foods you’ve ever seen. Fuse’s Made from Scratch, in which celebrities make a childhood food while sharing personal tales, was what I expected. This is a great opportunity for visitors to share fascinating facts about their life or take time to ponder on Hilton’s culinary creations. All of that was not the case.

In the first episode of Cooking With Paris, Hilton’s former assistant and close friend Kardashian West hosts breakfast. As a nod to the Lucky Charms marshmallows, Frosted Flakes French toast and a turkey bacon frittata are on the menu for the day. During the agenda reading, footage of marshmallows on a pink blanket and Hilton’s recipe book, which has a diamond border and glitter stickers on the cover, are shown in fast succession on the screen. Hilton quips, “Kim and I have upgraded everything from velour tracksuits to selfies.”

This mission is not completed. As a result, the episode serves as a reminder of how infuriating some celebrities can be, as well as how overdone the series’ style and look are. As she wonders what tongs are, Hilton makes it appear as though she doesn’t know her way around the kitchen, which is in direct contradiction to the story she told in her first YouTube video of herself cooking. According to Kardashian West, she appears to be herself. In the course of making their supper, they almost burn down the kitchen.

However, even if the two seem to have a friendship, the 25-minute film isn’t interesting enough to see. They might know this, which is why they rely so heavily on show-stopping devices, such as upbeat jazz music that punctuates the conversations, and too many cuts to Hilton’s pink table where she opens her recipe book, whisks eggs, and carelessly caresses a Frosted Flakes-covered piece of toast (among other things).

When it comes to Cooking With Paris, meals may have been the vehicle, but not the product. In addition to encouraging gossip and confessions, food is a great conversation starter. In some of the five episodes I saw, I caught a glimmer of it. Six episodes, each lasting around 30 minutes in length, are included in the first season. When talking with Kardashian West, Hilton discusses her desire to have a kid and recalls some of the duo’s most memorable parties. Demetria Lovato, whose pronouns are they/them, is the subject of Hilton’s fourth episode, “Italian Night with Demi Lovato. That opens a conversation about the growing pressure of being in limelight.

Because Lovato and Hilton’s connection looks sincere, or because their energies are similar, the episode in which they attempt to make pink ravioli feels the most rewarding to viewers. That would be great if that were true of the rest of the series, too.

It does, however, share some DNA with the very greatest food shows, such as the Food Network. Hilton’s series is very soothing and calming, just like the work of the artists described above. You can cuddle up in a secure, non-threatening environment and watch something fluffy and innocuous and lovely, which may sometimes be code for dull, but it’s meant as a complement in this context.

It would be hard to believe that Hilton is 40 years old, yet there is something charming about seeing her flip through her bejewelled recipe book, whose contents are written in coloured felt-tip pen with doodles scattered throughout. While eating her spaghetti, she dances in her chair, recalling her childhood and capturing the pleasure of food wonderfully.

Because she knows the significance of being your own hype lady, even when she doesn’t pull off a dish, she is always “killing it.”

Cooking and Talk show featuring celebrities who lack professional culinary expertise are nothing new. “Cooking With Paris” on Netflix is the latest in the category.

Her mother and sister are helping Paris Hilton prepare a steak supper while she wears a shimmering black dress with feathered sleeves and high-heeled shoes. She offers her dog a taste of caviar before they come. During the process of adding gold flakes into handmade truffle butter, flakes of 23-karat gold adhere to her fingertips.

Despite the fact that it isn’t the most practical cooking gear, she insists, as the feathers from her costume flutter all over the kitchen surface.

As she prepares meals, she is assisted by one of her pals like Kim Kardashian West, Saweetya and Demi Lovato. Ms. Hilton decorates her home to match the dinner’s theme before the guests arrive.

One may see Ms. Hilton’s photo in the pink cookbook. Each paragraph has a different colour, and it’s where she saves new recipes.

Aaron Saidman, executive producer of “Cooking With Paris” and “Selena + Chef” on HBO Max, claimed that she gets her recipes from a variety of sources and depends on producers with culinary knowledge.

In spite of the fact that not every meal on “Cooking With Paris” is an artistic achievement “Even if you fail, everyone can have a wonderful time,” Mr. Saidman added. Many of the dishes that were prepared were delicious, though.

It is Ms. Hilton’s turn to cook on television after Selena Gomez and Amy Schumer.

Celebrities frequently have meals with their followers. In a video posted on her Instagram account, Britney Spears demonstrated how to prepare her favourite sandwich. Jennifer Garner posted a video to Instagram last weekend showing her and her mother making blackberry cobbler.

What Would Brian Boitano Make?, a Food Network culinary show that concluded in 2010, was ahead of its time. His show’s model, he added, has been emulated by many celebrities.

Because they weren’t culinary specialists, Food Network avoided bringing in famous chefs, he claimed. “This is baffling because that’s who watches your network, folks like me,” he added.

Ms. Hilton plays up her role as a naive heiress on her programme. There is a trip to the grocery shop in each episode. She is dressed more for a nightclub than the produce section. During one scene, she asks a worker, “What do chives look like?” ‘What am I going to do with it’

She purchases ingredients that are linked to the episode’s subject matter. The host ponders $1,000 truffles in a section about preparing a steak supper, then fills up on flour and corn tortillas, Cotija cheese and tomatillos in another.

This term she invented combines’slaying it’ with ‘living your best life’ throughout the entire book. For tableware and other products, she has filed to register the term as a trademark.

Other words, on the other hand, appear to elude her. “What’s a whisk?” you ask. In the kitchen, she asks comic Nikki Glaser: “What’s whisking?”

Chef Paris Hilton taught viewers how to cook lasagna in a 15-minute YouTube video released in January 2020 by Mr. Saidman. Nearly 5.2 million people have seen the video.

“This Is Paris” director Saidman had previously collaborated with her on a documentary, and he wanted to produce something more lighter, while still filming it in the style of a documentary. As he explained, “We felt it would be interesting to explore her cooking abilities, or lack thereof.”

There are times when the show deviates into heated disputes over meals and ingredients, seemingly unaware of the contemporary debates concerning the distortion or whitewashing of traditional recipes and components.

Ms. Hilton plays up her role as a naive heiress on her programme. There is a trip to the grocery shop in each episode. She is dressed more for a nightclub than the produce section. During one scene, she asks a worker, “What do chives look like?” ‘What am I going to do with it’

She purchases ingredients that are linked to the episode’s subject matter. The host ponders $1,000 truffles in a section about preparing a steak supper, then fills up on flour and corn tortillas, Cotija cheese and tomatillos in another.

Kelsi Matwick, a lecturer at the University of Florida and the author of “Food Discourse of Celebrity Chefs of Food Network,” claimed that clueless cooking had a positive effect on viewers. In particular, she added, the ordinary home cook benefits from seeing individuals without culinary expertise make errors.

Matwick said it takes a unique kind of presenter to keep a culinary programme on the air.

she added. “Cooking show hosts are our friends and family.” She said that a chef’s ability to tell a story and relate it to the food is more essential than his or her technical skills or knowledge. Storytelling is a universal attraction.

In fact, many culinary shows are geared at teaching. The Rachael Ray Show, for example, blends the genre with a chat show style. Contestants are asked to create meals within certain parameters within a time restriction for evaluation by a panel of judges in reality contests such as Iron Chef, MasterChef and others (which can include celebrity chefs and other notable personalities).

Competitors are the focus of cooking competitions such as Top Chef and MasterChef. Aside from Chopped and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, reality culinary shows are also a popular choice. The cookery shows Chefs A’ Field and Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat are documentaries.

NBC station W2XBS presented Sunday Evening Supper in 1940. NBC aired James Beard’s live television series I Love to Eat from 1946 to 1947. This was one of the first culinary shows to be broadcast in the United States, debuting in 1963 with The French Chef on CBS. Julia Child, author of the classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking, was the hostess of the event.

Frugal Gourmet debuted on KTPS-TV in 1973, presented by Seattle chef Jeff Smith. A cable channel dedicated to culinary shows and other food-related content, Food Network was founded in 1993.

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