‘Good Girls’ Season 4 Finale Shocking Ending Explained [NBC]— Fan Reaction, Download Episode 16

Good Girls Finale

Good Girls Finale Episode: Sometimes you have to get your hands a bit filthy in order to make money, as the NBC sitcom Good Girls illustrates. Beth (Christina Hendricks), Annie (Mae Whitman), and Ruby (Retta) delighted audiences with their largely unlawful activities and superior mom abilities, but alas, all good things must come to an end. Here’s what happened to the women at the end of Good Girls’ first season and series finale.

Beth’s happy ending may have been reached, but Annie’s fate has left fans wondering. The Season 4 conclusion, which became the series finale, left viewers with just a partial sense of satisfaction. By the end of the two-part series finale, it was apparent that there would have been much more story to tell if the show had not been cancelled.

Good Girls Finale

Nick’s city council candidacy might be doomed if Beth and Annie have the right information, but Vance seems to catch them in the act. He blackmails Beth to get the city to utilize his face creams at all the hotels and conference centers in the area, which he hopes to accomplish.

Annie and Beth have been spying on Nick, and Nick takes the information to Rio de Janiero. As Rio chuckles, Nick has all of Ruby’s tax documents in his possession, as well as Dean and Annie’s records. They both agree that Nick is a hindrance to their plans, but they don’t say it out loud.

He sends Beth an envelope to “keep her hands clean” when she wins the municipal council election. They expose the press to his criminal activities, and Beth turns the tables on him.

Good Girls Finale

Dean and Stan have had enough of Vance’s pyramid schemes and are on the verge of resorting to violence to keep their spouses away from him. In the meanwhile, Vance says that he wants the company to build up a hair care brand for him. Consequently, Ruby convinces the family to migrate to Nevada and offers packets of cash to the family members. Annie sells the move to her partner Kevin as well, and he agrees with her.

“Double trouble” in the FBI When Phoebe and Dave confront Nick about his intrigue, Nick points them in Rio’s direction. Rio’s grandmother’s name is attached to all of the fake firms, thus he is not held accountable.

Good Girls Finale

Thankfully, Beth’s arm is barely grazed by the bullet when Mick tries to murder her for shooting Nick. In spite of this, Mick leaves the pistol behind where it may be easily fingerprinted. As she wakes up, she is confronted by police who want to know who shot her.

Beth decides not to join Ruby and Annie in Nevada. Rio arrives in Nick’s prison cell and urges him to leave Beth alone, but a plot has already been set into motion. Beth’s fingerprints are all over the pistol Mick left behind. Annie says that she has been detained and cannot travel to Nevada. To which Stan replies, “You should think about which family you’d like to live with.”

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Rio concludes the series working for Beth, a goal Beth has been striving to achieve for years, but has never been able to achieve. Annie appears to be taking the blame for Lucy’s murder, which is less gratifying — however, as fans will recall, Annie told Mick she wanted her prints on the pistol rather than Beth’s.

What Nevada had planned for the families and what Annie’s destiny would be now that she has been imprisoned may never be revealed without a Season 5. All four seasons of Good Girls will be available on Netflix, so fans can reminisce over what may have been.

Good Girls Finale

So, where did these ladies end up when they left the ship? A new power dynamic between Beth and Rio emerges as a result of Beth’s decision to embrace the life of crime (Manny Montana). Her words leave viewers wondering what her new life would be like as she accepts her real nature.

She can’t decide if she wants to travel west with her family or stay in Michigan a little bit longer. Stan (Reno Wilson) offered her an ultimatum: either join him and the kids or stay with her pals.

Her destiny is sealed with a large question mark as she is taken away in handcuffs by police officers. So, how did fans react to the ending? Many fans have mixed feelings about watching this undervalued series.

Beth and Rio’s conclusion was met with both affection and frustration, due to the absence of future episodes. As they sat down on a park seat, the two discussed their reversal of roles.

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  1. This show should never have ended. Still don’t understand why they wasted so much time on a dream. At the end, It does look like the girls might still all stay together,

  2. Season 4 was poorly written and confusing.The last 2 episodes were particularly convoluted, illogical,and unsatisfying.A good show that ended very very badly.I stopped caring about the main characters as repetition & plotlines became more ridiculous.Not interested to see future seasons anyway now

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