The Queen’s Gambit Season 1 Complete Link GDrive 123Movies Official

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The Queen's Gambit Season 1 Complete Link GDrive 123Movies Official
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The Queen’s Gambit: Produced by Flitcraft Ltd; Wonderful Films & Netflix, the miniseries tells the story of orphaned Chess Prodigy Beth Harmon who’s struggling during the Cold War era in search of becoming the world’s leading chess player.

The Queen’s Gambit won 18 nominations, including Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series, for the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards. Two Golden Globe Awards were presented to the series: Best Limited Series or TV Film and The Best Actress, Taylor-miniseries Joy’s or television film. She has received the Critics’ Choice Television Award in a Movie/Ministerial and the Screen Actors Guild Award by a female actor in a minisery or television movie.

The Queen's Gambit Season 1 Complete Link GDrive 123Movies Official

The Queen’s Gambit

  • Netflix Release: October 23, 2020
  • Based on: The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis
  • Director: Scott Frank
  • Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Bill Camp, Moses Ingram, Isla Johnston, Christiane Seidel, Rebecca Root
  • Number of Episodes: 7 (Season 1)
  • Running Time (Per episode): 46-67 Minutes
  • Genre: Period Drama

Plot Overview:

In the search for an expert chess player in emotional difficulties, drug and alcohol use, the Queen’s Gambit chronicles the life of a prodigy of orphan chess, Elizabeth Harmon. A chess opening with the same name is the title in the series. This narrative starts in the mid fifties and goes on in the seventies.

The narrative begins in the city of Lexington, Kentucky, when a 9-year-old Beth is taken to the orphanage by a building custodian Mr. Shaibel after losing her mother in a car collision. The orphanage supplies the girls daily with reassurances tablets to “balance their temperament,” which becomes an addiction to Beth, as was customary in the 1950’s. Because of her visualisation talents, she soon becomes a good chess player.

A couple of years later Beth and her Lexington husband are adopted by Alma Wheatley. As she adapts to her new surroundings, Beth goes on a tournament and wins in competitive chess, although she has no previous experience. Alma initially resists Beth’s chess interests, but once Beth wins her first tournament, she enthusiastically supports her daughter’s stays in different chess contests.

Her connections have been developed with many individuals, including Harry Beltik, the former Kentucky State Champion; Benny Watts, United States National Champion; and D.L. Townes, reporter and fellow player. As Beth reaches the top of the world of chess and reaps the financial advantages of its achievement, its dependence on drugs and drink gets worse.

How to Download or Watch “The Queen’s Gambit” Free

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The Queen’s Gambit Story Analysis Episode 1-7

The Queen's Gambit Season 1 Complete Link GDrive 123Movies Official
Anya Taylor-Joy

The Queen’s Gambit -Episode 1: Elizabeth Harmon is stranded at age 9 when her mom kicks the bucket in a fender bender on New Circle Road. She is taken to a halfway house, where the youngsters are given sedating pills to make them more consistent. While cleaning erasers in the cellar, Beth finds the caretaker, Mr. Shaibel, considering chess all alone. After rehashed demands he hesitantly consents to show her the game. She has worked out how the pieces move by noticing him. She becomes fixated and improves rapidly, on account of her spatial knowledge and maltreatment of the psyche adjusting sedatives, which permit her to zero in and envision chess games on the roof over her bed. At the point when she can beat him routinely, Shaibel acquaints her with the neighborhood secondary school chess club educator, Mr. Ganz, whom she additionally beats. Ganz welcomes her to play a concurrent show against his whole club.

After the state passes a law prohibiting the utilization of sedatives on youngsters, Beth starts to experience the ill effects of withdrawal. Given a sedative pill by her companion Jolene, Beth beats Ganz’s whole class effectively, later remarking to Shaibel on their helpless chess abilities and that it was so strengthening to win. As yet experiencing withdrawal, she is discovered taking a container of the drug and drops in the wake of ingesting too much by gulping a few pieces of pills.

The Queen’s Gambit -Episode 2: Beth is received as a young person by Lexington couple Alma and Allston Wheatley. Alma is despondent, while Allston is sincerely far off and every now and again missing for his business work. At her new secondary school, Beth is harassed by the famous young ladies from the “Apple Pi Club” for her dull garments and clear knowledge. Beth takes sedatives from her mom (the very kind that she was given at the halfway house), and again starts to picture chess positions on the roof. She additionally takes a chess magazine and finds out about the impending Kentucky State Championship. Shy of cash, she keeps in touch with Mr. Shaibel, who sends her $5 for the extra charge. She astonishes the coordinators by cruising through her initial games, and fosters a smash on a youngster named Townes. After the second day of the competition, Beth gets back home to find that Allston has abandoned her and Alma. Beth fears that she will be sent back to the halfway house, however Alma discloses to her they will lie so she can remain. During her last round of the competition against state champion Harry Beltik, Beth becomes bothered by his late appearance and hurries to the bathroom, where she takes a sedative pill to assist with dominating the match. Alma plans to take Beth to a competition in Cincinnati where generous prize cash is on offer.

The Queen’s Gambit -Episode 3: Beth wins the competition in Cincinnati, giving Alma 15% of the prize cash. Beth keeps on playing hooky while making a trip to competitions and rapidly gains public acknowledgment for her accomplishments. She likewise starts dressing all the more stunningly as her rewards increment. At school, Beth is welcome to a gathering of the “Apple Pi Club” by the young ladies who had at first evaded her. She before long acknowledges she shares nothing practically speaking with them and, taking a jug of gin, escapes back home. In 1966, Beth heads to Las Vegas for the U.S. Open where she is brought together with Townes, presently a columnist covering the occasion for the Lexington paper. They get back to his lodging where Townes takes photos of her. The two play chess and offer a short, personal second, however are hindered by Townes’ flat mate, whom Beth suspects is additionally his sweetheart. Beth suddenly leaves before Townes can clarify the circumstance. Beth runs into the current U.S. public boss, Benny Watts, who brings up a blunder in her game against Beltik. Beth is shocked and replays her prior game, losing her certainty. She encounters her first expert misfortune against Watts the following day and they finish the competition as co-champions.

The Queen’s Gambit -Episode 4: Beth requires night classes in Russian at a neighborhood school. She goes to a gathering where she smokes maryjane and lays down with one of the understudies. Left alone in her unfilled condo for the end of the week, she entertains herself with more liquor and medications. In the wake of graduating secondary school, Beth goes to a worldwide competition in Mexico City with Alma. Beth contends with a few worldwide players, including 13-year-old Soviet wonder Georgi Girev, whom she overcomes in an extreme game enduring two days. While in a jam-packed lift, Beth catches a discussion between Soviet best on the planet Vasily Borgov and two partners talking about her playing style and expected shortcomings. Borgov remarks she is a vagrant and a survivor like them. Beth then, at that point plays Borgov and loses to him in an extraordinary game after he astounds her with an odd opening. Back in the lodging, Beth finds Alma has kicked the bucket of suspected hepatitis, likely deteriorated by her unreasonable drinking. Beth figures out how to contact Allston in Denver, who needs nothing to do with the entombment courses of action. Be that as it may, he consents to allow Beth to keep the house. Beth purchases more sedatives from a drug store prior to flying home to mastermind Alma’s internment, requesting her brand name Gibson as recognition.

The Queen’s Gambit -Episode 5: Beth gets back to Kentucky and reconnects with Harry Beltik, who is going to school and has heartfelt affections for her. At Beth’s idea, he moves into Alma’s home to go with the now desolate Beth. The two invest energy preparing and rest together a couple of times until Beltik understands Beth’s fixation on chess will consistently supplant any relationship they may have. The two head out in different directions, as Beltik concedes his enthusiasm for the game has faded. Beth meets her previous secondary school victimizer Margaret around now wedded before long graduating. She presently has a child little girl and is quick turning into a heavy drinker. Beth goes to the 1967 U.S. Title in Ohio, where she reunites with Benny Watts. The evening before they are booked to confront each other in the last game, Benny moves Beth to a few rounds of speed chess for five dollars each. An accomplished speed chess hawker, he beats her reliably and clears her out of the entirety of her money. The following day, notwithstanding, Beth routs Benny to turn into the U.S. champion. The two examine Beth’s future in global contest. Benny, perceiving that Beth needs both a good example and a coach, welcomes Beth to prepare for the Paris Invitational with him in New York City.

The Queen’s Gambit -Episode 6: Beth goes to New York with Benny, where he prepares her for the Paris Invitational. He welcomes two in number players, Hilton Wexler and Arthur Levertov to help, alongside a common companion, a French model named Cleo, who rapidly gets to know Beth. Beth over and again beats Benny, Wexler, and Levertov at concurrent speed chess, winning back more than Benny took from her in Ohio. Beth and Benny rest together, however Benny ruins the state of mind by talking chess procedure for Paris a short time later. At the Paris Invitational, Beth advances to the finals against Borgov. Cleo, who is likewise in Paris, welcomes Beth out for drinks. Beth reluctantly joins Cleo at the bar, bringing about a late-night drinking spree. Hungover, Beth sleeps late for the last and can’t center, losing again to Borgov. Crushed, Beth decays Benny’s proposal to keep remaining with him in New York to plan for the Moscow Invitational. Rather she gets back to Kentucky.

Upon her getting back, she is reached by her attorney expressing her repel assenting father, Allston Wheatley, has issues with her living in his home. He requests she abandon his home expressing he didn’t give her home. Beth chooses to purchase the house from him paying the value of $7,000 less the internment game plan cost of her supportive mother, Alma Wheatley. Alone, she eliminates every one of his effects from the house and rearrange the house. Before long, she dives into a days-in length medication and liquor gorge, disregarding calls and the rest of the world. Visiting the Kentucky State Championship, she brushes off her first chess rival Annette, before Harry defies her about her liquor addiction. The following day, Beth tracks down her old companion Jolene at her front entryway.

The Queen’s Gambit -Episode 6: Jolene and Beth go to Mr. Shaibel’s burial service. Subsequently, Beth returns to the halfway house and separates when she finds Shaibel had followed her profession up until his passing. Jolene assists her with stopping drinking with an actual wellness system. Beth rejects subsidizing from the Christian Crusade to venture out to the Moscow Invitational. She requests that Benny assist with subsidizing her, who rejects. Jolene credits her the cash, and Beth shows up at the Moscow Invitational. Beth dominates a few matches, acquiring numerous fans from the Russian public. In the last game against Borgov, Beth plays the Queen’s Gambit; the game is deferred after forty actions. Beth reconnects with Townes, who is covering the competition for the Lexington Herald-Leader. Beth gets a call from Benny, who has gathered Harry, Matt, Mike, Wexler, and Levertov to break down her game with Borgov. At the point when play continues that evening, Beth can picture the game without sedative pills and beats Borgov after already declining a draw offer. Beth is commended broadly by local people assembled outside the scene. On the drive back to the air terminal, Beth leaves the vehicle and heads for a recreation center where neighborhood men play chess. They perceive her and welcome her energetically, welcoming her to play.

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