Fears Grow in Kyiv as Russian Convoy Approaches Close

Russian Convoy Kyiv

Huge Russian Convoy is moving towards Kyiv as seen by the satellites. The approach of this massive convoy of Russian weaponry has given the phrase “the world is watching” a whole new and terrible meaning.

This convoy can be seen from all across the world, and there are even rumours that it is being reinforced before it arrives in the city.

The allegations from other regions of Ukraine that Russia is laying siege to populous places using “mediaeval techniques,” encircling them and denying people food, water, and critical supplies, are exacerbating these anxieties.

When the invasion began, it was expected that the great Russian army would sweep into Kyiv in a matter of days, if not hours.

Russian Convoy Ukraine, Kyiv

Ukraine is still standing after six days of resistance from the Ukrainian army, which is employing Western weaponry and ammunition, but is also being defended by locals who are taking up firearms, joining neighbourhood defence teams, and marching up to the front lines.

But there’s no denying that, even though it’s slowly approaching, this convoy is coming closer and closer, and the explosions are getting closer and closer.

They used to be mostly on the outskirts of town, but last night they were so near that our building shook.

Vladimir Putin’s soldiers, according to the regional head in Kharkiv, have started attacking residential areas with Grad missiles, a truck-mounted artillery weapon capable of launching hundreds of rockets at once.

Russian military shot on the “square in front of the regional state administration office,” according to Oleh Synehubov, who stated on Telegram that officials are “currently assessing deaths among the civilian population.”

Six people, including one kid, were killed during bombardment on the state administration office, according to local emergency officials on Facebook. This assertion cannot be verified by the BBC.

“Because our army is powerful and we are holding our defences,” Synehubov added, “our opponent has no choice but to conduct devious war crimes like these.”

The purposeful targeting of people during an armed conflict is considered a war crime under the Geneva Convention, which Russia has ratified.

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