Russia Pushes Closer To Capture Kyiv Amid Peace Talk in Belarus Border

Russian Army in Kyiv

Hundreds of thousands of people have been trapped below for the past two days. They were eventually able to leave their sanctuary once the curfew was lifted. However, half an hour later, air raid sirens ring, and they must return.

These were the times when they wished they could flee for food, drink, fresh air, and to witness how the city had altered as a result of the battle. As President Zelensky has stated, this is a turbulent, unexpected, and very important period.

We learned this morning from military authorities that Ukraine had successfully resisted multiple Russian attempts to overrun the capital’s perimeter. Air raid sirens blared just before dawn, and there were explosions all around the city all night.

So it appears that Russia has not abandoned its efforts to press ever closer to the heart of this city, even on the day that negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are supposed to begin.

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In a telephone conversation, Belarus’ president told Ukraine’s president that he would secure the safety of delegations travelling near the border for peace negotiations.

However, shortly after that phone contact, missiles were launched from Belarusian territory into Ukraine, putting an end to that commitment.

President Zelenski expressed his scepticism, but said he wanted to convince Ukrainians that he was doing everything he could to put a stop to the conflict, which has now entered its fifth day.

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