Ukraine: Blasts Before Dawn, Shelling Resumed in Kyiv, Berdyansk Seized

Fresh Blast in Kyiv

On day five of the invasion, it’s past 6.30 a.m. in Ukraine, and the sun is rising as air sirens blare in the capital Kyiv. Overnight, there were further explosions reported in Kiev and other towns around Ukraine.

According to sources, video uploaded overnight showed a fire in a residential structure in Chernihiv that broke out after being hit by a Russian missile.

Explosions were also reported in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, which was the site of severe fighting on Sunday after Ukrainian forces recovered it from Russian forces.

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Here’s a rundown of key cities around Ukraine that have been hit by bombs thus far in the conflict:

Fresh Explosions Reported In Major Ukraine Cities

Ukraine Explosion Maps

According to Ukraine’s National News Agency, shelling has resumed in Kyiv and Kharkiv (Ukrinform). On Monday morning, after many hours of silence in the Ukrainian capital, explosions were reported in Kyiv and Kharviv, according to Ukrinform, quoting the Ukrainian Special Service.

Meanwhile, in Chernihiv, in the country’s north, an air siren alarm has been raised. One missile hits residential building in Chernihiv. According to Ukraine’s National News Agency, a Russian missile hit a residential building in Chernihiv (Ukrinform).

According to one account, the building’s lowest two stories are now on fire. There have been no recorded casualties as of yet.

Berdyansk Seized

Berdyansk, a seaside city in southern Ukraine, is currently under Russian control, according to its mayor.

According to Mayor Alexander Svidlo, Russian forces invaded the city about 15:50 local time on Sunday and were spotted wandering the city centre shortly after, according to a Facebook video.

At 20:00, the troops stormed the city hall.

“All administrative buildings are under their hands,” he added, adding that the Russians were “taking possession of the executive committee building.”

“This concept, however, is unacceptable to me if it is under the authority of armed men. As a result, all members of the operational headquarters departed the executive committee’s premises “he stated

The Black Sea city has a modest naval facility and a population of roughly 100,000 Ukrainians.

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