Sergei Lavrov Says Russia Will Continue Ukraine Invasion Till ‘The End’

Sergei lavrov

Sergei Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, stated on Thursday that he believes some international leaders are planning a war against Russia and that Moscow will continue its military action in Ukraine “to the end.”

Lavrov also stated that Russia has no plans to use nuclear weapons.

In an appearance with state television a week after Russia invaded Ukraine, Putin accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, an ethnic Jew, of ruling over “a society where Nazism is growing,” while offering no proof to back up his claims.

He stated that he had no doubt that a solution to the Ukrainian situation would be found, and that a fresh round of discussions between Ukrainian and Russian authorities was about to begin.

However, he stated that Russia’s relationship with the West must be based on mutual respect, accusing NATO of attempting to preserve dominance, and stating that while Russia has a lot of goodwill, it cannot allow anybody to harm its interests.

He stated that Moscow would not allow Ukraine to preserve facilities that posed a danger to Russia.

He said that Moscow could not accept what he saw as a military threat from Ukraine, and that he was confident that Russia was correct in its assessment of Ukraine.

“The idea of nuclear power is always spinning in the thoughts of Western politicians, but not in the heads of Russians,” he remarked. “I guarantee you that we will not be thrown off balance by any provocation.”

He stated that Russia did not feel politically isolated, and that the people of Ukraine should decide how they live.

Ukrainian officials have accused Russian forces of bombing residential areas, but Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov claimed Russian soldiers were under tight orders to target military equipment with high-precision weaponry.

Without providing proof, Lavrov said that Russia had intelligence that the US was concerned about losing control of chemical and biological facilities in Ukraine, and that Britain was developing military bases there.

Third World War Will Be “Nuclear” — Lavrov

In Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is holding a press conference. He claims that US President Joe Biden has stated that the only option to sanctions is a third world war, and that a third world war could only be “nuclear war,” according to Lavrov. He claims that this is solely in the minds of Western politicians and not the Russian people.

“Those who create such preparations should think about it if actual war is conducted against us,” he argues, “and in my judgement, such plans are being formed.” More quotes from Lavrov’s press conference will be available soon.

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