Sister Wives season 17 episode 14 Updates

SisterWives 17

Sister Wives, a popular show on TLC, has kept fans on the edge of their seats since Christine left by repeatedly suggesting that Kody would soon be getting a divorce again. Which Wife Is Next? is the title of a brand-new episode. (Episode 14 of Season 17) will premiere on TLC at 10 pm ET on Sunday, December 11.

The episode, which is an hour long, will be available on TLC Go the day after it airs on television.

After Kody’s divorce with Christine, the Browns will debate their plans for the future of their polygamous family in this episode. After months of tension over the situation, Janelle and Kody may have a physical altercation.

TLC described the episode as:

“While Christine settles into her new life in Utah, the remaining wives and Kody have another tense conversation at Robyn’s; Janelle feels Kody is making her choose between him and her kids, and they reach a breaking point.”

Episode 14 Update:

This week on Sister Wives, we’ll uncover a pivotal discussion concerning the Brown family’s history. Meri admits that she and Christine have a lot in common in their marital struggles, but that she will stay at Kody’s side for the next two decades anyway.

Despite being apart for six years, Meri insists in the preview that she still loves Kody. And yet, Kodi is seen pointing out to the audience that Meri is no longer his wife.

Janelle will explain how she feels torn apart from her children since they refuse to spend time with Kody. To Kody’s dismay, she often abruptly leaves the house in the middle of a conversation.

Kody will later reveal to viewers what it’s like to be trapped in a “polygamous” marriage you don’t want to be in. Robyn will, without fail, explain to her sisters that Kody’s rudeness toward his new brides is a result of his anger and hurt feelings about his recent divorce.

Fans may also get to see Christine’s new residence in Utah, minus Kody and her sister spouses.

Episode 13 Recap:

When we left up last week on Sister Wives, Kody had just met Janelle for dinner to plan the family’s Thanksgiving festivities. Janelle recommended she go to the celebration with her sons. Kody was frustrated because he believed Janelle was acting like a “single lady.”

He likened her to Robyn, his fourth wife, who was similarly devoted to him and loving toward their children. Janelle was offended by this and defended her independence, a trait that served her well throughout the marriage for a long time.

The argument turned to the couple’s marital issues. Later in the episode, despite their best efforts, both Robyn and Kody tested positive for Covid.


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