Eminem Drops New Album ‘Music to Be Murdered By Side B’ Deluxe Edition

Music to Be Murdered By Side B: In the past couple of years, Eminem has “surprise-dropped” so many albums that the arrival of a rumor has essentially been the official release.

Music To Be Murdered By Side B
Music to Be Murdered By Side B Cover

And sure enough it came days after very thorough news broke about the forthcoming release of a follow-up to his new surprise-dropped record, “Music to Get Murdered By.” Dr. Dre (rapping on “Guns Blazing” and co-producing “Discombobulated”), Ty Dolla $ign, DJ Premier, and Skylar Gray are among the collaborators.

Side B” comes 11 months after the surprise release of Eminem’s “Music to Be Murdered By” (with guest spots from Juice WRLD, Ed Sheeran, Young M.A, Anderson .Paak and Dr. Dre.), which followed the surprise-dropped “Kamikaze” in 2018.”

Eminem popped back on the scene two weekends ago with a cameo in an SNL sketch spoofing his 2000 disturbed-superfan hit “Stan,” which included a star turn from Pete Davidson, following a surprising appearance at the Academy Awards in February 17 years after winning the Best Song Oscar for “Lose Yourself.”

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“The day after he performed, Eminem spoke with Variety about his Oscar appearance, but he gave no hint of any plans for part two of “Murder. “To be honest, I really don’t have anything coming up next, just whatever videos come along,” he said. “We’ve got nothing written in stone just yet.”

13 entire songs with three skits are included in the 16-track “Music to Be Murdered By-Side B”. It contains lots of covid references and some wordplay on the basis of a rapid skim, which is blazingly quick and dense even by Eminem standards (particularly on ‘Gnat’).

—Times Read

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