Joey Lawrence Engaged to Girlfriend and Co-Star Samantha Cope

5 sec ago!~Joey Lawrence.Samantha Cope.Chandie.Yawn-NelsonJoey. Lawrence gets engaged to Samantha Cope one year after filing for divorce from ex-wife Chandie. Joey Lawrence is getting ready to say ‘I Do’ for a third time! The actor revealed in an interview that he’s engaged to actress Samantha Cope just one year after filing to divorce Chandie Lawrence. While chatting about his upcoming movie “SWIM” to Us Weekly, the “Blossom” star revealed that his writing partner is also […]And I just met the most amazing person ever. Like your best friend and that person you really do share pretty much everything in common with.

Joey Lawrence has reported his commitment to sweetheart Samantha Cope, disclosing to Page Six that experiencing passionate feelings for her has been an “astonishing excursion.”

It’s muddled when the pair — who met on the arrangement of Lawrence’s more youthful sibling’s Lifetime thrill ride last year — got engaged, however the entertainer nonchalantly dropped that Cope is his life partner during a new meeting with us.

“At the point when you wouldn’t dare hoping anymore, resembles when it generally works directly in the middle of the multitude of plans that we make,” the “SWIM” star said, spouting about his prospective lady of the hour. “Also, I just met the most stunning individual ever. Like your closest companion and that individual you truly share basically everything in the same manner as.”


Lawrence, 45, proceeded, “I know when you grow up, you generally find out about opposites are drawn toward each other. Yet, as we get more seasoned we understand you truly need to develop old with your best buddy in light of the fact that there are such countless regions in life where, you know, it will destroy you in case you’re not.”

Despite the fact that he didn’t have anything to share about the looming pre-marriage ceremony, Lawrence shared that a few has composed a rom-com together, which will start shooting this year for Tubi.

The information on the “Bloom” alum’s commitment to Cope, 34, comes barely a year after he sought legal separation from Chandie Lawrence following 15 years of marriage. He shares two little girls, 15-year-old Charleston and 11-year-old Liberty with Chandie.

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The previous youngster entertainer is as of now featuring in “SWIM,” which follows a family caught in their tempest overflowed excursion rental and compelled to continue to move to higher floors to escape an avaricious — you got it — shark that has by one way or another advanced into their home.

Lawrence considers it’s a “fun frolic” that will ideally give “some idealism” that individuals can tune in and watch and “disregard every one of the day by day features that besiege us.”

While visiting about his forthcoming film “SWIM” to Us Weekly, the “Bloom” star uncovered that his composing accomplice is additionally his life partner.

“In all honesty, my composing accomplice and I [sold the content to Tubi], I’m proceeding with my relationship with them,” Joey told the distribution. “Yet, we’ve sold a unique film, a rom-com, which we’re going to make in the not so distant future.”

The 45-year-old is occupied and not exactly prepared to begin wedding arranging yet, “There’s a ton of stuff going on, you know, there’s a ton of stuff going on, which we’ll discuss soon, however better believe it, it’s a ton of incredible stuff,” he said. “A ton of truly incredible stuff. She’s the best individual ever.”

The couple met on the arrangement of their impending Lifetime film, “A Deadly Deed” which is coordinated by Joey’s sibling Andrew Lawrence.

“So we met there and all of a sudden, you know, it was an insane 18 months for everyone, clearly the entire world,” Joey clarified. “Then, at that point when you wouldn’t dare hoping anymore stunning things occur and meeting her has quite recently been actually the best thing ever.”

“Last year, 2020 was truly something,” he proceeded. “What’s more, when you wouldn’t dare hoping anymore, know, you in a real sense meet the ideal individual for you, and that load of intangibles become possibly the most important factor … and afterward you meet [the] ideal individual.”

Joey and Samantha’s sentiment prospered during the Covid-19 pandemic and keeping in mind that they couldn’t go on “average” dates they partook in hanging out.

“It was simply hanging out, caught in that, you know, bound space. What’s more, when you can meet the best individual for you in that sort of climate, it’s truism something,” he disclosed to Us Weekly.

Samantha shared a sweet selfie of the couple on Instagram and spouted about Joey stating, “Appreciation post for this person 🤍! Life is so loaded with favors yet in addition minimal flighty fights. I can’t thank you enough for remaining positive even in the hardest of times. You’re my fav darling #gratitude.”

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