Kris Wu Charged With Drugging and Raping Los Angeles Woman

Kris Wu Raped LA Woman From Behind After Drugging Her.

Kris Wu Drugged and Raped LA Woman

A Los Angeles-based lady has approached to assert she was tranquilized and assaulted by Chinese-Canadian star Kris Wu, who was captured keep going week in Beijing on assault charges.

In excess of 24 ladies in China have since approached with comparative accounts of being employed with liquor and afterward constrained to have intercourse with, or were physically attacked by, the 30-year-old.

The most recent allegation, in any case, implies that Wu could deal with criminal indictments and common claims in the United States too.

The lady said she had gone to one of Wu’s currently famous drinking parties where her telephone was seized. She asserted that little white pills were being passed around and that she had blacked out prior to being physically attacked.

After the occurrence, she said she was excessively scared of being casualty disgraced to shout out. She additionally felt she had no hard proof and was stressed over being blamed for coercion.

Kris Wu Raped LA Woman

The American law office addressing her asked other affirmed casualties to approach, as Wu had been to Los Angeles commonly in the past for limited time occasions.

Wu’s inconveniences started in July, when 18-year-old Chinese understudy Du Meizhu charged him in a dangerous Weibo uncover of engaging in sexual relations with her while she was oblivious.

Indeed, even before his capture, he had lost a few worthwhile arrangements over the embarrassment. As of late, his web-based media accounts with a large number of supporters have vanished.

Other male VIPs, for example, Singaporean artist JJ Lin and Taiwanese star Will Pan, have likewise been up to speed in the discussion, in spite of the fact that they have unequivocally hit back at bits of hearsay connecting them to Wu.

Recently, Chinese entertainer model Angelababy won a claim against a netizen who had made up anecdotes about her, including of her undermining her better half, entertainer Huang Xiaoming, with Wu.

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