Mel Gibson Salutes Donald Trump at UFC 264: Video Goes Viral on Twitter— Hits 1 Million Views

A video of Mel Gibson goes vial on social media where the actor can be seen saluting former U.S. president Donald Trump in the studio of UFC 264 during a fight between Conor McGregor und Dustin Poirer on 10 July.

The footage, first released by conservative source The Columbia Bugle, shows Trump as a Security Team whisks off the former President, a controversial actor and filmmaker. Other event recordings show Gibson on the same black collared shirt, and subsequently Snopes confirmed the video’s veracity.

During a December 2020 interview on the Fox newspaper The Ingraham Angle, Gibson, known for his outspokenness, gathered his political opinions.

“Who cares what I believe? I’m not a specialist—what do I qualify for?” Laura Ingraham, Gibson told host. “That’s okay. It enables you to feel anonymous so that you can come out and just be nothing in your performance; you don’t carry much baggage already. It’s partly deliberate.

Gibson added, “I’m politically wrong, that’s true.” “It is basically intellectual terrorism that I see political correctness. I find it frightening and I’m not going to be bullied in altering my views. Not everyone will always adore you.”

Trumb’s back in the headlines is claiming the sites of breaching his rights as US citizen to ban him from their social media platforms after launching a class action complaint against Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Mel Gibson’s Views on Trump’s Wall:

Trump declared in a statement, “It will be a critical struggle in defence of the First Amend.” “Our case will demonstrate that this censorship is illegal, unconstitutional and totally unAmerican”.

Reporter from the Wall Street Journal, Michael Bender, is preparing his new book, Frankly, “We won this election,” on 13 July. In this book, Trump talks with Bender how he has been permitted to catch up in other aspects of his life by spending time off social media.

“Truly it’s better than Twitter,” remarked Trump. “You may spend much time on this I didn’t realise. I have time to make telephone calls now, and I’m doing other things I don’t read in paper.”

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Several more famous figures, including Mark Davis, owner of the Las Vegas Raiders, Dave Chappelle, Justin Bieber, Miles Teller, Jared Leto, Steve Aoki, Steve-O.

In the main fight of UFC 264 Conor McGregor finally dropped out of Dustin Poirier by a medical halt. After hurting his ankle near the conclusion of the first round, the Irishman was unable to continue.

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