Pregnant Ashley Graham’s Naked Photoshoot in the Field: Captioned ‘Earth Mother Vibes’ on Instagram

Pregnant Ashley Graham’s Naked Photoshoot: Earlier this month, Ashley Graham revealed her second pregnancy with a belly-baring selfie taken by her husband Justin Ervin and shared on Instagram. There’s more where it came from, it seems.

Her arms are wrapped over her chest as she poses in a field. “Earth mother vibes,” she said in her caption.

Pregnant Ashley Graham's Naked Photoshoot in the Field: Captioned 'Earth Mother Vibes' on Instagram

Graham’s admirers raved over the gorgeous photoshoot.

A mother of 18 months, the 33-year-old is already a mother to Isaac. After keeping the news of her second pregnancy a secret until recently, Graham surprised fans on July 13 with a photoshoot in which she showed off her baby bulge.

Pregnant Ashley Graham's Naked Photoshoot in the Field: Captioned 'Earth Mother Vibes' on Instagram

The new mom, who gave birth to her son at home, has been honest about her postpartum experience, from speaking out about her hair loss to accepting her stretchmarks.

“I felt like an alien was taking over my body,” she told Porter magazine in April of her first pregnancy. “”Oh my God, I adore you!” I screamed when the creature appeared. You just don’t give a damn. As soon as COVID took hold, however, all of the gyms closed, and I was forced to move in with my mother and eat cinnamon buns every day. When you’re pregnant, people will tell you this lie: that you’ll lose weight when you nurse. But it’s a lie, of course! As a result of my pregnancy, I have had to learn to accept and understand my body.”

As part of that journey, she hasn’t shied away from displaying her body “In order to gain more likes, I don’t publish myself half-naked on social networks. That side butt, it hip dip — that’s not atypical for a woman of my age. This is what a normal body looks like, and I wish there had been a person like me when I was younger, who was as brazen with their cellulite and back fat.”

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