Ronnie James Dio’s Widow Wendy Dio Lashes Out Against Vivian Campbell For Spreading Misinformation How Ronnie Treated Him

Widow of Ronnie James Dio, Wendy reveals the secret behind their successful marriage

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During a discussion with Ultimate Classic Rock, Wendy Dio discussed the first Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell, saying she is “debilitated to death” of the artist’s cases of Dio paying him ineffectively.

Back in 2019, Vivian disclosed to UG that the artists in the gathering – which remembered Jimmy Bain for bass and Vinnie Appice on drums – were paid not exactly the roadies. The setup recorded the initial three Dio collections – 1983’s “Blessed Diver,” 1984’s “The Last in Line,” and 1985’s “Holy Heart.”

Inquired as to whether it was significant for her to detail Ronnie’s run in with Vivian in the most recent journal “Rainbow in the Dark: The Autobiography,” which she finished with essayist Mick Wall, Wendy answered:

“I needed to, on the grounds that I am so debilitated to death of hearing Vivian making statements like, ‘Ronnie paid me $100 every week.’ Well, how could he purchase a Ferrari with a hundred dollars per week? Ronnie was in every case reasonable for his kin.

“It costs a ton of cash to put that show on. Constantly, we paid for everything – transports, trucks, lodgings, per diems, lighting, sound, and all the other things. I think he treated the band reasonably.

“The issue is – Vivian, for reasons unknown, chosen he needed to be Ronnie. All things considered, you know, the band was called Dio. Yet, the reality was that Ronnie had effectively been in Rainbow and taken care of his obligations and afterward in Black Sabbath and satisfied his obligations. He wasn’t simply off the road and no one important.

“I got truly vexed. I get truly vexed when I hear him saying everything regarding Ronnie. Ronnie isn’t here to protect himself. I will.

“I have the entirety of the desk work to demonstrate that. The amount he got paid. That only sort of disturbs me that individuals will say, ‘Gracious, Ronnie was modest.’ Well, Ronnie was never under any circumstance modest.”

Do you think there was at any point would have been an opportunity to construct any kind of scaffold among Ronnie and Vivian?

“No. I don’t think along these lines, in light of the fact that there were an excessive number of dreadful things by the two of them said in the press, and I figure you can’t fix those things.”

As detailed, Vivian told UG in 2019:

“At the point when the band was first framed, Ronnie told Vinny and Jimmy and myself that for the initial three records, in case we were able to not be members in the collection deals or the visit receipts or the product cash or anything like that – in case we were able to work an exceptionally unobtrusive pay, that by the third collection he would make it a value circumstance and we would get part of the record and part of the visit, and so forth

“So we worked for not exactly the street team. We did the [1983] ‘Sacred Diver’ collection, we got paid $100 per week [around $250 in the present money]. At the point when we began the ‘Heavenly Diver’ visit, our compensation was knock up to $400 every week [around $1,000 in the present money].

“Etc throughout the long term, over the ‘Blessed Diver’ visit and [1984’s] ‘The Last in Line’ visit and the [1985’s] ‘Hallowed Heart’ visit, our wages were continuously expanded from one visit to another. In any case, we were getting paid not exactly our lighting architect, for instance.

“Yet, we were likewise composing the tunes with Ronnie – we were essential for the imaginative cycle. Yet, we got none of the record deals, we got none of the product cash and none of the show cash. We approved of that in light of the fact that Ronnie had guaranteed us that by the third collection, that would all change. We were all pursuing this objective and the band was turning out to be increasingly fruitful.

“At the point when the third collection went along, I was the first to say to Ronnie, to help him to remember the guarantee that he made us back in 1982 when the band was shaped – before we did the ‘Sacred Diver’ record. I brought it up to Ronnie when we were recording the third collection, ‘Consecrated Hearts,’ and Ronnie said, ‘How about we traverse the record first, and afterward we’ll examine it.’

“So I delayed until the record was done and afterward I brought it up once more. Also, Ronnie said, ‘How about we get out and about and get practiced and when the visit begins we can examine it with Wendy [Dio].’ Wendy was his ex and administrator of the band.

“You know, with advantage of knowing the past, I see it plainly now. It truly boiled down to this – there were just four individuals in the room when Ronnie made that guarantee, and that was Ronnie and Jimmy and Vinny and myself.

“Wendy Dio wasn’t in the room, and Ronnie actually never faced his ex and he never dared to reveal to her that he had made this guarantee to us.

“Also, she never saw the worth in the first band. She was innovatively childish that she could just see that with Ronnie. She didn’t see esteem in who played in front of an audience with Ronnie or who composed melodies with Ronnie.

“She recently imagined that everybody could be supplanted, though I think Ronnie truly understood the science that the first band had and he truly esteemed that. Yet, when it came down to it, he didn’t dare to confront Wendy and he calculated that it was simpler to simply dispose of me. What’s more, that is the thing that he did.

“Individuals can say it’s regarding cash. Furthermore, indeed, in highly contrasting terms, it is about cash. Yet, more critically to me is that it was about rule. I accept unequivocally on a fundamental level, I generally have. I put stock in trustworthiness in individuals and when I look at somebody without flinching and I shake their hand and I make an arrangement with them, I will maintain my part of the bargain and I anticipate something very similar of others. Also, Ronnie didn’t do that for me.

“That is the reason I was terminated from the band and it gave me a particularly negative impression for thus, such countless years. I was so harmed by the entire interaction many that, I committed an error of expressing exceptionally frightful things about Ronnie in the press, as for sure he said the equivalent regarding me. I imagine that was a mix-up for the two of us to do that.

“However, it was an exceptionally agonizing thing for me since I never needed to leave that band. I was completely put resources into it, I appreciated it hugely, I put stock in it, and I gave hard labor on everything throughout three collections to assemble that band. And afterward to be casually unloaded like that was extremely, difficult for me.

“So it required some investment to turn up at ground zero. Truth be told, I think it likewise took Ronnie’s passing [in 2010] to have the option to take a gander at that from an alternate perspective and understand that it was as much Jimmy Bain’s legacy and Vinny Appice’s legacy and my legacy as it was Ronnie’s – we as a whole possessed those records and that set of experiences.

“So presently I’ve come to completely accept it, though for some, numerous years it was excessively excruciating for me to pay attention to it. In the event that it came on the radio, I would wind down the radio. I didn’t possess any of the records, I needed nothing to do with it.

“Also, presently I see it in an altogether unique light. I understand that we possessed it as much as Ronnie and that it’s something glad to embrace. It makes me amazingly glad to be on the stage with Vinny, and with Jimmy while he was alive, and to play that music once more. It’s something I’m exceptionally pleased with. Yet, it set aside me a long effort to arrive, and that is the motivation behind why.”

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