Why is #FixOnMingiToday Trending on Twitter? Who is Song Min-gi?

FixOnMingiToday is trending on Twitter since morning. 9 August is the birthday of KPOP star Song Min-gi from ATEEZ (Music Group). Fans are celebrating ATEEZ star Mingi’s birthday.

The matter is Mingi says the phrase “Fix On” in almost all ATEEZ songs. He does not know English, so it’s understandable. These KPOP ‘Untalented’ girly boys are famous but can’t sing.

Now, their fans are celebrating Mingi’s birthday on Twitter as if he is a “Star”.


There was a video where he clarified it! Rappers typically say their name or something like a mark before they begin rapping their stanza right, Mingi, iirc said that he says “fix on!” in light of the fact that it individuals should focus on when he raps (or something to that effect… like “look here!” “focus” he sort of clarified it in this way iirc) and on the grounds that it additionally now and then seems as though he’s adage “Song” like his last name. I ‘ll interface the video where he clarifies it in the event that I discover it!

He says it in like practically the entirety of their songs cuz it’s his mark, and at this point my ears got so accustomed to it that I now and again miss it.

Yet, here are a couple of songs he sings it, Say my Name, HALA, Desire, Good Lil Boy, Wonderland, Pirate King, Dancing like Butterfly Wings, and there’s a bundle more those are only a couple to get going.

Who is this Min-gi Junk?

Mingi is the traditional conviction among the Omotic-speaking Karo and Hamar people groups of southern Ethiopia that kids with apparent and genuine actual anomalies are ceremonially tainted. An illustration of saw anomalies incorporate the top teeth ejecting before base teeth. Kids conceived illegitimately are likewise considered tainted and hence fit for bringing curses upon individuals.

The dread of condemnations or misfortune for the clan prompts the killing of numerous kids. These kids are discarded either through suffocating, placing soil in their mouths and choking or leaving newborn children in the timberland. The seniors settle on the decision to mark a kid Mingi yet the passings are completed by different individuals from the clan.

The Karo clan formally restricted the act of Mingi in July of 2012, yet it stays a functioning piece of the conviction framework in others. It is accepted upwards of 686,000 people covertly practice it in other Omotic communities. They are accepted to apply an abhorrent impact upon others, so Mingi newborn children have traditionally been discarded without an appropriate entombment.

Among the Karo and Hamar, actually distorted or Mingi people have traditionally been considered to apply a malevolent impact upon others, so handicapped babies have traditionally been discarded without an appropriate burial. Such a youngster was verifiably killed by constrained lasting separation from the clan by being left alone in the wilderness or by suffocating in the stream.

Reasons for being pronounced tainted incorporate birth with only one parent present, the introduction of twins, the eruption of teeth in the upper jaw before the lower jaw, and chipping a tooth in childhood. Some who were isolated have been accounted for to shadow the clan a good ways off until in the end surrendering to craving or hunters.

An element story in 2011 calls attention to that there has been a lack of scholastic grant regarding the matter, however “a few spectators have hypothesized that it may have begun numerous generations prior as an approach to cleanse individuals who are bound to turn into a weight or who can’t contribute to the propagation of their people.”

The Karo formally prohibited the training in July 2012, while around 50,000 people covertly continue to rehearse it in other Omotic people group.

In 2008, Karo tribesman Lale Labuko started protecting kids considered “mingi.” The 2011 honor winning narrative film Drawn From Water chronicles Mr. Labuko’s initial mingi salvage exercises.

Along with California movie producer and picture taker John Rowe, Mr. Lubuko established Labuko’s Omo Child Organization. Until this point, 37 kids ages 1–11 have been saved. The kids live in a home worked with the assistance of John Rowe.

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  1. What does any of the last part have to do with Mingi you’re talking about two completely different parts of the world. Overall your post was just disrespectful and out of pocket.

  2. No one asked for this type of content. But if you had the opportunity to make this, at least make it respectful and proper. Such a shame for another person of color. This is also not proper journalism to be frank.

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