Twitter Removes Fleets. The Feature Which Lets You Share Stories.

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Twitter Removed Fleets

Due to little usage, Twitter plans to shut down Fleets, a feature that allows users to post words, images, and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

Twitter said in a blog post on July 14 that fleets will no longer be accessible as of Aug. 3. After Snapchat and Instagram introduced Stories in their apps, Twitter has moved away from ephemeral content.

Twitter wrote in a blog post that “Fleets are mostly utilised by people who already tweet to amplify their own tweets and speak directly with others.”

Tweeter Fleets were introduced in 2020 and made available internationally in November of the same year.

Some Twitter workers and users said their goodbyes to Fleets on Monday. Fleets was designed by Paul Stamatiou, who stated the business wanted it to be “raw and real” and “feel lighter than Twitter.” He wrote, “We were testing a theory, and not everything goes as planned.”

It also plans to test a full-screen camera, text formatting choices, and GIF stickers in the tweet composer. Spaces, the firm’s audio conversation feature, will remain prominently displayed at the top of the timeline, the company stated.

Tweeter’s Blog Post About Leaving “Fleets:

For people to communicate their transitory opinions in a low-pressure, ephemeral fashion, we created Fleets. We thought that Fleets would make it easier for people to join the Twitter discourse. As a result, we haven’t seen the rise in new Fleets users we planned for. Fleets will no longer be available on Twitter as of August 3.

  • Fleets taught us a lot about how to create new opportunities for people to participate in the conversation and share what’s occurring in their world. What we learnt and what’s next are summarized below:
  • Our goal in creating Fleets was for individuals who already Tweet to utilize them to magnify their own Tweets and communicate directly with others. What prevents people from interacting on Twitter will be explored in greater detail. We’re also working to improve the experience for those who already tweet.
  • In most fleets, individuals like posting photographs and videos to participate to the Twitter discussion. Within the next couple of weeks, we’ll be testing improvements to the Tweet composer and camera to integrate features from Fleets composer, including as the full-screen camera and text formatting choices.
  • When someone you follow is holding a live audio discussion, you’ll still see Spaces appear at the top of the timeline.
  • One of our earliest forays into full-screen, vertical format advertisements was the Fleet ads test, which ended on time last month. We’re looking at learnings closely to see how these advertisements work on Twitter.

In order to better serve the public discussion, Twitter is changing. Several of these changes, such as Fleets, are speculative and are unlikely to be implemented. Will be ruthless, evaluating what works, and knowing when to move on and focus in other places.

We’re not taking enough risks if we’re not constantly changing our strategy and phasing out features. The Twitter team will continue to develop new methods for users to join in discussions, while also listening to criticism and adjusting course as necessary.

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