AEW Rampage Debut Episode: Results, Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights

Opinion,Christian,Kenny_Omega,All_Elite_Wrestling,SBS,Britt_Baker,Tony_Khan,Miro!~ After months of hype and buildup, AEW Rampage finally debuted Friday night on TNT. Tony Khan has promised this show will carry the same level of quality as the company’s flagship show, Dynamite

AEW Rampage

Following quite a while of publicity and development, AEW Rampage at last appeared Friday night on TNT.

Tony Khan has guaranteed this show will convey a similar degree of value as the organization’s leader show, Dynamite. That implies Dark and Dark Elevation will keep on zeroing in on creating ability.

The card was stacked with three title matches, one of which was for an alternate advancement. Kenny Omega guarded the Impact Championship against a set man Impact up for life during its days as TNA, Christian Cage.

Miro put the TNT Championship at risk in a match against the high-flying Fuego Del Sol, and Britt Baker shielded the AEW ladies’ title against Red Velvet.

How about we investigate all that went down on the presentation scene of AEW Rampage.

Kenny Omega vs. Christian Cage

Imprint Henry, Chris Jericho, Taz and Excalibur filled in as the analysts for the introduction scene of Rampage. They ran us through the card before Christian came out for his Impact championship against Omega.

Commander Charisma acquired the advantage first and provoked The Cleaner with a center finger. An incensed Omega followed him with elbow shots to the rear of the neck. The two men fell flat to hit their finishers.

Christian countered a superplex with a nightfall flip powerbomb when we got back from a business break. Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander watched from the group as the previous best on the planet kept on ruling the current title holder.

Omega nailed a V-Trigger yet just held Christian down for a two-tally. They went to and fro with signature moves and counters for a long while.

The Young Bucks and Don Callis attempted to meddle yet Christian reversed the situation on hit his finisher on top of a steel seat to get the success and take the Impact Championship from Omega.

Grade: A

Omega is all around respected for his in-ring capacity and Christian is quite possibly the most dependable entertainers working today, so they had a ton of tension on them to make this a match deserving of a PPV. Fortunately, they were capable.

They utilized a consistent speed during the primary portion of the battle. They worked rapidly yet it never felt surged. They gave the right spots time to inhale and realized when to incline things up once more.

The completion was entirely astounding, which is consistently welcome in a major title session. Christian holding the Impact title again in 2021 is wild.

Miro vs. Fuego Del Sol

The second of three title matches booked for the show included Fuego Del Sol testing Miro for the TNT Championship. Fuego was likewise battling for a full-time frame contract with AEW, as indicated by the broadcasters.

Fuego assaulted Miro quickly and sent him out of the ring for what nearly wound up being a countout. Three continuous cyclone DDTs couldn’t hold The Redeemer down.

Miro discovered him flying from the top rope and dropped him on the mat. He set up for a major kick to the head prior to applying his unmistakable accommodation for the success.

After the match was finished, Tony Khan and Sammy Guevara came out and gave him an AEW contract.

Grade: B

The additional specification of Feugo acquiring an agreement with AEW on the off chance that he won appeared to be a bit awkward, yet it likewise gave his person additional inspiration.

This match was extremely fast. It endured under five minutes, however they figured out how to pack a ton into that time and recounted a good story while they were busy.

Miro is incredible as a severe top dog who shows no mercy. On the off chance that he proceeds with this way, he will ultimately discover his direction to the world title.

The second with Fuego getting his agreement was a decent vibe great fragment for the introduction show.

Britt Baker vs. Red Velvet

Henry talked with Velvet and Baker in a speedy behind the stage fragment before the match authoritatively began. They talked the typical rubbish to one another as you would anticipate.

They secured as noisy DMD drones came from the Brittsburgh crowd rang through the field. Velvet took control and started a grouping of counters and holds with the champ.

Dough puncher’s harmed wrist turned into an objective for Velvet. Each time Baker attempted to take control, Velvet appeared to have an approach to counter. The group was vigorously behind the old neighborhood legend, so Velvet was getting a ton of scoffs.

Dough puncher’s harmed arm kept her from applying the Lockjaw at a certain point. The ref launched out Rebel from ringside directly as Velvet bored Baker with a superkick.

DMD kicked out of a moonsault and turned around a suplex, however Velvet broke out of the Lockjaw once more. Dough puncher utilized her great arm to apply the hold and get the success.

Kris Statlander kept Baker from Stomping Velvet into the title belt, yet Jamie Hayter gets back to AEW and assisted Baker with taking them out.

Grade: B+

This match was considerably greater for Red Velvet than the label session with Cody against Shaq and Jade Cargill. AEW put her in the headliner of its presentation scene of Rampage in a championship. That is a ton of trust for an organization to place in a youthful entertainer.

AEW realized Baker would be the old neighborhood top pick, so it arranged out this match to give her rebound spots to get the group energized. It was a keen call to have her tone down her heel strategies.

Velvet keeps on glancing more sure about the ring with each match, and this was effectively her best execution to date. She didn’t seem to be a rookie. She resembled a genuine competitor.

This was a strong headliner and an incredible method to end the primary scene of Rampage.

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