The White Lotus Episode 5: WTF! Paula Has No One To Blame But Herself

Paula’s plan to adjust the balances of equity for beau Kai misfired big-time in Sunday’s White Lotus — and apparently the good natured adolescent has nobody to fault except for herself.

Halfway through the HBO dramedy’s penultimate episode, Paula devises an arrangement to get Kai back some of what was taken from him and his family by giving him the code to the Mossbacher’s room safe containing those $150K arm bands. He should simply delay until she and her BFF’s family head off on their scuba plunging campaign, sneak into their room utilizing his lord resort key, and swipe the gems.

The White Lotus Paula

All things considered, first of all quarreling marrieds Nicole and Mark could abandon the journey similarly as the boat is going to leave, drastically contracting Kai’s open door to snatch the expensive bangles — which is by and large what occurs. Be that as it may, rather than cutting lure on the sea trip herself to take off the approaching disaster, Paula sits in the still-moored boat with a terrified look all over. Minutes after the fact, the boat heads out and the most dire outcome imaginable (for example Nicole and Mark interfere with Kai’s thievery) happens.

We gotta inquire: Why didn’t Paula come up with some rationalization to follow Nicole and Mark off the boat whenever she got the opportunity?

“Individuals handle shocks to the framework in an unexpected way,” series maker Mike White discloses to TVLine. “I think at the time she’s trusting that the circumstance doesn’t wind up being an issue and it’ll be OK. Possibly she got on her phone and attempted to caution him and it was past the point of no return. I think it simply totally occurred so rapidly… It doesn’t appear to be that odd to me.”

White adds that Paula’s quite defective emergency impulses reflect his own. “I’m the sort of individual who when a vehicle coming at me and I’m in the street my mouth simply hangs open and I [freeze],” he concedes with a chuckle. “When something bursts into flames in my home, my beau promptly hops in and snatches the fire douser; I”m [the opposite].

“I used to figure I would be the individual who might endure in case there was a shooting,” White proceeds. “Yet, presently I understand I would most likely be the first down. I’d resemble, “What’s going on?” I would need to look and see… I wouldn’t realize how to react until I realized what precisely was going on.”

As we anticipate the aftermath from Paula and Kai’s adornments heist turned out badly — the finale airs next Sunday — conundrum us this: Did Paula’s inaction provide you opportunity to stop and think, as well? Also, changing gears, did you decipher Tanya’s side piece Greg’s hacking fit to mean he’s the final resting place bound person?

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