What is National Boob Day and Why is it Trending Today? Find Out!

National Boob Day

Is It Really Boob Day Today? Yes, 2nd of August is National Boob Day in the United States of America. Netizens are writing about this day on Twitter and thus the #NationalBoobDay is trending on Twitter. And, most importantly, don’t expect any “Boob Show” in this article 😇

Is It Similar To No Bra Day? NO, National No Bra Day is October 13th. So, it’s definitely not the same. National No Bra Day’s beginnings are unknown. Since at least 2011, women have been encouraged to leave their bras at home on October 13th to raise awareness about the need of breast cancer screening, recognizing breast cancer signs, and doing regular self-examinations in the battle against breast cancer.

Is It Similar to National Cleavage Day? Oh God! NO. National Cleavage Day is March 27. It’s true that some of us grimace at the sight of others staring at their cleavages, but Wonderbra really developed the yearly event as a way to show love for breasts of all sizes.

National Boob Day is just another day to celebrate and embrace womanhood and motherhood as well (Without being sexist & horny).

Here are some tweets you will find on Twitter about National Boob Day:


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