Andrew Cuomo Sexual Harassment Report: Biden Asked New York Governor To Resign

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Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women

Governor Andrew Cuomo was asked to resign by Vice President Biden following the publication of an explosive new report by the New York Attorney General’s office on claims of sexual harassment against the New York governor.

As for his Democratic colleague, Biden said: “I think he should step down.”

Cuomo was neither impeached or removed by the New York State Assembly, nor was he prosecuted, he said.

In the report, Cuomo’s administration was described as having a “hostile work environment,” and he was accused of violating federal and state laws, though the agency has not launched a criminal investigation into his conduct.

Biden was asked if he approves of Cuomo’s use of a photo of him to defend himself “You know, I’m not going to fudge this one in the slightest. As far as I know, the Attorney General determined that certain hugs were not innocent.”

According to Biden, who claimed he hadn’t spoken to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday, he hasn’t read the report in depth and just knows the “final outcome.”

In March, Biden suggested that Cuomo should resign if the state attorney general’s probe verified the accusations. “I expect he’ll be charged as well,” he said.

His father, New York Governor Mario Cuomo, was a close friend of Biden’s. In New York, the older Cuomo is well regarded, and he became a national figure in 1984, when he addressed the Democratic National Convention, sketching out the party’s future during the Reagan years.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo continues to deny any wrongdoing, and in a video published Tuesday, he defended himself in front of New York voters.

As Cuomo put it, “politics and bias are laced throughout this whole thing.” A person would be stupid to believe otherwise, and New Yorkers aren’t naive either.

There are four Democratic governors in New York State.

A fourth term is on the table for Cuomo, who has refused to stand down despite pressure from inside his own party.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called for Cuomo’s resignation on Tuesday afternoon. Women “came forward to tell their truth,” she said.

Andrew Cuomo Sexual Harassment Report:

Unrelenting in its criticism of the state’s attorney general, Letitia James, this 165-page report is the product of an independent inquiry conducted under her supervision

This included unwanted and nonconsensual contact, as well as many provocative and sexual statements that created a hostile work environment for women, according to the report.

According to the report, sexual harassment was tolerated in Cuomo’s office because of a “culture of fear and intimidation.”

Cuomo’s actions was described as having a “pattern of behavior” in the study, which included:

  • “Touching and grabbing of Executive Assistant #1’s butt during hugs and, on one occasion, while taking selfies with him;”
  • and that he “reached under her blouse and grabbed her breast.”

According to sources, Cuomo’s another statement came from a state trooper:

“running his hand across her stomach, from her gut catch to her right hip, while she held an entryway open for him at an occasion; (2) running his finger down her back, from the highest point of her neck down her spine to the center of her back, saying ‘hello, you,’ while she was remaining before him in a lift; (3) kissing her (and just her) on the cheek before another Trooper and requesting to kiss her on another event, which she diverted; and (4) making physically intriguing and sexual orientation based remarks, including (a) requesting that she help him discover a sweetheart and depicting his measures for a sweetheart as somebody who ‘[c]an handle torment,’ (b) asking her for what valid reason she needed to get hitched when marriage signifies ‘your sex drive goes down,’ and (c) asking her for what valid reason she didn’t wear a dress.”

The governor’s detail requires state troopers to have three years of experience, but this trooper had just two. Cuomo relaxed the restriction for her after meeting her at another event and explicitly asking for her, according to the article.

Investigators concluded, however, that Cuomo’s “denials lacked credibility” and were “inconsistent with the weight of evidence gathered throughout our inquiry.”

James said investigators interviewed 179 people and examined 74,000 pieces of evidence. She described the evidence as “very distressing yet unambiguous.”

Cuomo’s actions was frequently labelled as “illegal” by the investigators. It was noted however that the study did not reach a decision as to “whether the behavior amounts to or should be prosecuted criminally”

Women described harassing behaviour in great detail, and investigators provided evidence that corroborated their stories.

Cuomo touched, tapped, and then gripped the buttocks of a state employee in New York City in September 2019, according to an unidentified state employee who spoke at the event. Apparently, she recorded the governor’s improper touching in an email sent the next day.

During an embrace, an unidentified executive assistant told investigators that Cuomo grabbed her buttocks and stroked them with his hands. He questioned her “several times” if she had or would cheat on her spouse, and even urged her to find him a girlfriend, according to a source.

According to the article, she first kept the accusation to herself, but subsequently reported it to top employees in the Executive Chamber after Cuomo stated he “never touched anyone improperly” at a press conference on March 3.

According to the article, several accusers who came out with their investigations faced retaliation from Cuomo’s administration. In response to claims of sexual harassment made public by a former staffer, the governor and Executive Chamber “actively participated in an effort to discredit her,” according to the study. According to the article, current and former Executive Chamber staffers distributed a draught of an op-ed that disparaged Boylan.

Cuomo, according to the report, “participated personally in the writing” of the piece, which was never published.

The article states that Charlotte Bennett, another accuser who went public with her charges, submitted her complaints to Cuomo’s chief of staff, which included unflattering comments Cuomo made to her that made her uncomfortable. As a result of her transfer, she no longer works with the governor.

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