Leaked: Why is #Proud Boys Paul Trending on Twitter? Find Out!

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Rep. Paul Gosar

Rep. Paul Gosar has been implicated in a Proud Boys conspiracy to prevent Biden’s victory in Arizona, according to leaked texts. Gosar planned to employ the far-right Proud Boys to sabotage the certification of Arizona’s 2020 election.

According to messages obtained by the Washington Post, Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Arizona, was involved in a conspiracy to stage a “Brooks Brothers Riot” in his home state to prevent President Joe Biden’s win.

Gosar planned to employ the far-right Proud Boys group to disrupt the certification of the 2020 election in Arizona, according to Woodrow Johnston, vice president of political consulting McShane LLC, who pretended to be a Trump fan.

Biden’s plan is being obstructed by Senators like Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema, therefore we must increase our Senate majority in order to pass the ambitious measures Biden has put forward.

That’s why we’re focusing our efforts in 2022 on the Senate seats that are most likely to be won. Biden needs a genuine mandate, so we’re running internet and broadcast advertisements, constructing billboards, and giving transportation. Wisconsin, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina will receive special attention.

Paul Gosar’s tweets also links to alleged hate group:

In his statement, Johnston continued, “We might need to do the same here in Nevada.”

The demonstrations that Johnston coordinated were nonviolent and did not interrupt the voting process.

McShane separated his consultancy business from protests against the certification of the election, despite Johnston’s boss’ efforts to do so.

Mr. Johnston was not working on behalf of any client or group, he said, and he was ignorant of the texts. “Several members of our management team have met with Mr Johnston to discuss the situation. I’m certain he realises what he’s done was wrong.”

Gosar’s staff said that the Trump-loving lawmaker from Arizona was not in communication with Johnston and denied any election-related demonstrations were being planned by the congressman.

However, this isn’t the first time Congressman Paul Gosar has sought to reverse an election. His Proud Boys and Neo-Nazi collaborators include Nick Fuentes. Paul Gosar was one of the main organizers of January 6th.

Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar tweeted links to an anti-immigration group suspected of being a hate group a day after President Trump said he was phasing down a programme to protect juvenile immigrants from deportation.

Gosar sent three tweets about immigration Wednesday morning, each of which linked to the Americans for Legal Immigration Political Action Committee.

There was no racist or bigoted material in the three links, yet the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies ALI-PAC as an anti-immigrant hate organization.

According to the SPLC, Gosar’s office is a “left wing hate group that promotes a poisonous stew of far left ideology and victimisation.”

Faith Vander Voort, a Gosar spokesperson, continued: “Website for (ALI-PAC) Check it out for yourself. Her platform is extremely plain and straightforward: the execution of our immigration rules. So much as federal law enforcement is concerned, it is a “hate group.””

According to an article released in 2011 by the SPLC, ALI-president PAC’s and founder, William Gheen, has threatened violence in order to defend “white America.”

A radio interview with Gheen, which the SPLC described as “extra-political activities that I can’t really talk about since they are all illegal and dangerous” was cited by the organisation as evidence that Gheen was not a moderate on the nativist scene.

On Wednesday, he disputed the charges, claiming the SPLC “doesn’t care who they damage.” As a black-female-Jewish-bisexual-par in the 21st century.

Blacks, whites, and Latinos, he says, contribute to his organisation.

According to Gosar, Republican Senate Candidate Kelli Ward and Republican Representatives Trent Franks and David Schweikert have all received support from ALI-PAC.

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