Parrot Heads Goes Down to Riverbend for the First Jimmy Buffett Concert Since Covid19 Pandemic

Buffett fans had an early beginning on Monday night, just one thing that is more of a pilgrimage trip than a performance. Patty Doak, an annual attendant stated, “This is a meeting of friends and the flock from across the world, and we don’t have to see each other, except for tonight and tomorrow.” This section of the nation resonates for some reason with Buffet aficionados.

“Where the nickname ‘Parrot Head’ was originated by Timothy Schmit, the Cincinnati Great Wolf Amphitheater,” Doak stated. “And here were several grassroots movements.” Adds Doak A party came on Monday with a goal. They raise money for Pink Ribbon Girls and Honor Flight Tri-State through a rifle.

Kim Kuwatch remarked with Pink Ribbon Girls, “The monies raised here tonight are still in Cincinnati. “The ladies who undergo breast or gynaecological cancer therapy receive free treatments.”

Dee Daniels says Monday is a great night for them with Honor Flight Tri-State. “To take a planeload of vets costs us a lot,” he added. “Every flight we take 86 veterans. A year before COVID, we conducted 4 flights.”

It is fitting that the first one is nothing other than Jimmy Buffet. Concert is back in the Riverbend Music Centre.

On Tuesday at 20:00 he enters the stage, but the celebration starts with the parrot leaders early in the morning.

“You see people hanging around as small as infants and as elderly as the ’70s and ’80s, and it’s such a wide array,” Patty Doak, president of Cincinnati Parrot Club. “You cannot go wrong.” “You cannot go wrong.”

People travelled to Riverbend for the concert from all across the country, from Michigan to South Carolina. It’s their first time for some, but it’s an annual ritual for others, like Doak.

“I have had all kinds of e-mails and activities from all over because everyone knows that Cincinnati is the spot to party and I never seen anything like that since 1994,” she added. After 5:00 a.m., tailgaters began meeting outside Grove Park Grille. At 8:00 a.m., they went to the car parks and grassy areas in Riverbend for a whole day of drinking and play.

“Never go to a performance at Jimmy Buffet and see a fight,” warned Kristi Burns, a member of the Cincinnati Parrot Club. “You’re never going to go visit individuals who are furious. Everyone is very compassionate and affectionate and this is a really great moment and good intentions always lie behind it. I can’t understand this atmosphere.

For those who participate in northern concerts on I275, use exit 71 and follow the directions. This path has been underused and saves individuals a significant amount of time.

Kentucky residents should use exit 72 and exit 71, if exit 72 is rearwarded. Those from Anderson, Newtown and Indian Hill should use Mount Washington road and enter at gate number 2 or 3.

Gate number 5 should be remembered for those possessing golden car parking permits. For highly precise instructions, drivers Uber and Lyft should examine their applications. From Gate 2, across the road are Rideshare and Uber/Lyft Pickup.

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