Isaiah Rashad Sex Tape Leaked on Reddit: Fans Show Support To The Rapper by Slamming The Trolls

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Isaiah Rashad’s private life is being disseminated all over Twitter only hours after Lil Fizz and Nelly became victims of a sex video leak. Video of the secretive rapper having and getting oral sex began circulating on Wednesday (February 9). But, much to the dismay of several of his admirers, no lady was involved. In fact, all of the persons who took part in the intimate act were men.

While this looks to reveal Rashad’s sexuality, many individuals have come to his rescue and chastised anyone who would expose someone in this manner.

One person on twitter wrote this: “Isaiah rashad being gay is random as fuck but being so interested in what ppl do behind closed doors is even weirder lmao got nothing to do wit y’all n-ggas.”

Nelly’s sexually explicit video leaked on Instagram: Video goes viral on Social Media — Times Read

Fans of the singer, on the other hand, attacked the detractors and expressed their support for the 30-year-old hip-hop artist. When it comes to sex recordings, Kim Kardashian was recently one of the hottest subjects of conversation when it was believed that she had another sex tape with Ray J. Saucy Santana, a popular social media celebrity, also made news after a video of him with another man allegedly appeared on the Internet.

Reality personality Harry Jowsey, on the other hand, had teased his ex-girlfriend Tana Mongeau with a suggestion. Pamela Anderson made headlines last year when she said Tommy Lee’s infamous sex video was “devastating to her marriage and family.”

The explicit video (Isaiah Rashad suc*ing a man’s di*k) has been removed from all social media flatform but, many users have downloaded the video before removal could take place. Isaiah received support regardless of his sexual orientation from his fans though.

Is Isaiah Rashad gay or bisexual?


When it comes to dating, Rashad has always kept his personal life private. Although he was previously supposed to be in a relationship with a lady whose identity has not been released, nothing is known about his personal life.

The rapper’s music has always created headlines. ‘The House Is Burning,’ his commercial third studio album, was released lately. In regards to his most recent scandal, the rapper has yet to make an official statement on social media. will keep you updated on the situation. In addition, the rapper has never commented about his sexuality.

Rashad previously revealed to Pitchfork how tough it was to construct an album. “I enjoy music, but I despise saying trash.” For me, it’s almost like a game. It’s similar to working out. I don’t want to repeat myself. I dislike redundancy in general. Any song I write takes me approximately 30 minutes to an hour to complete, and that’s all.

“I have a lot of ideas that occur to me right now.” “Music is where I go to express myself,” he continued. It’s how I wrap up a chapter. What’s insane is this: I’m not afraid to admit that, but I don’t believe my albums are all that different.

One of my CDs will eventually become a classic. This s**t is fantastic. “Hello, it’s me.” The rapper previously made news when he revealed information about his addictions. Between the publication of ‘Cilvia Demo’ and ‘The Sun’s Tirade,’ he had admitted to suffering from sadness, anxiety, and solitude.

Isaiah Rashad Got Support From His Fans

Users on social media are all too willing to attack on anybody who makes a mistake, especially if the culprit is a performer with a large following and a collection of well-loved works. However, when people are truly behind someone who has been taken advantage of or otherwise hurt, social media can bring out the nicer side of people, with messages of encouragement and support.

Unfortunately for Isaiah Rashad, he’ll be getting the latter after a hacker allegedly hacked Isaiah’s sex tape, exposing him. It’s sad that Isaiah had to be outed like this on social media.

While there have been a few nasty replies from trolls, the vast majority of them have been sympathetic and soothing to Rashad, while also chastising those who are to blame. Rashad has yet to reply; keep tuned for further information.

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