Shawn Mendes Spotted Shirtless With Ripped Abs in Hawaii While Taking a Stroll

Take a look at these photographs of Shawn Mendes out on a walk in Hawaii with some mates this weekend. As you can see, he’s shirtless and flaunting his toned figure, despite the fact that he’s dressed casually in sweatpants and sandals.

He was also carrying a sturdy walking stick, which served as a nice complement to the overall man-in-nature atmosphere.


Shawn’s been flashing his bod a lot recently, and you’ve got to believe it’s because he’s single and wants to mingle. Remember, he and his now-ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello called it quits a few months ago after dating for at least two years.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that he’s letting it all hang out… after all, what’s not to like?!? Shawn appears to be ready to remove his top at any time, whether on the beach or in the big Hawaiian outdoors.


On a related topic, it appears that Shawn is enamored with the island setting, as he shared photographs and video of his adventures there, and even hinted that he would relocate.

He uploaded a clip of himself grooving out to one of his new recordings in January, but it’s unclear how far along his fifth studio album is. It’ll Be Okay, Shawn’s most recent song, was released on December 1.


His separation with fellow singer Camila Cabello in November of that year is thought to have inspired the piano-led breakup ballad. The two were initially linked in the summer of 2019, and for the most of the epidemic, they were practically inseparable.

Shawn is said to have been the driving force for their final breakup, although the two have remained friends since then.

According to the source, the former Fifth Harmony singer was “extremely hurt” by the original separation but “agreed” that it was the right decision. Cabello’s first few days after the two singers called it quits were “very difficult,” according to a source, but she’s been “staying busy.”

Shawn Mendes-Camila Cabello Breakup:

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello
Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cebello

Let’s get the reports correct before we go any farther. Mendes “started” the talk, a Cabello insider told E! Online hours after the breakup emerged, since things between the two were “becoming boring and comfortable.” Cabello was “extremely sad about the separation,” according to the insider, but “agreed” it was the correct decision. According to the article, the romance “simply faded,” as a source told People.

Days later, another insider informed the magazine that things began to shift as the globe began to open up again. “They both were quite pleased and seemed like they loved having a break from working” during lockdown, which we can confirm by looking at those early-pandemic pap-walk images. “They have occupations that are taking them in various places,” the person continued. But, before you assume that’s a coded way of saying Mendes didn’t like for Cinderella, check out Us Weekly.

“The attention got overbearing,” a source told the magazine, “and it did upset them, Shawn in especially, to continually getting grilled on how serious they were and whether or not they were going to get engaged.” Despite this, the insider noted that the couple “still has a lot of love and respect for each other” and described the breakup as “a break.” “They’re not saying never, just not now,” the person stated.

Let’s fast forward to the year 2022. On January 6, TMZ saw a Mendes-Cabello reunion when the two were out walking their dog, Tarzan, in Miami. According to the magazine, Mendes and Cabello spent the day before at the beach and were “all smiles” with Tarzan, who still lives with Cabello post-breakup (more on that below).

We’ll have to go to Hollywood Life for further information on the reunion – hardly the most trustworthy source on the subject, but we’ll take what we can get! Mendes was in town to see friends, but he wanted to make sure to reunite with Cabello, according to a source. “They had a lot to chat about when they met up in Miami,” the person stated.

“They came to the decision that they still love one other.” They’re just not sure what to do with it right now.” The insider went on to say that Mendes has struggled with the breakup because he “thought being without her would be simpler than it is.” “It’s been difficult being without Camila for the past few weeks, and seeing her again brought it all back,” the person stated. “They don’t know where the path will lead them from here, but Shawn has told his family and friends that he doesn’t think he’ll ever find another lady like her.”

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