Shawn Mendes starts dating Youtuber Hitomi Mochizuki after breaking up with Camila Cabello

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Shawn Mendes is Allegedly Dating Youtuber Hitomi Mochizuki

Shawn Mendes, who just ended his relationship with Camila Cabello, was pictured on a beach in Hawaii with a brunette yogi (Youtuber Hitomi Mochizuki).

Mendes is seen intensely engrossed in a very strange beach ritual with the yogi, who has been named as Hitomi Mochizuki, who appears to be a common acquaintance of the former couple, in photos obtained by

Shawn Mendes was photographed sitting cross-legged on a rocky slope on Friday while YouTuber Hitomi Mochizuki inserted one end of a two-pronged device into his nostril and the other into her mouth.

Shawn Mendes is Allegedly Dating Youtuber Hitomi Mochizuki

Mendes is seen snorting an unknown substance from a pipe as Mochizuki pretends to blow into it in photos of the two. While sitting cross-legged on a blanket in what looks to be a woodland setting, the two are seen engaging in the exercise.

Shawn Mendes is Allegedly Dating Youtuber Hitomi Mochizuki

Another shot showed them looking intensely into each other’s eyes before getting up and leaving to get beverages, after which they were spotted strolling along a rocky path. Both of them were observed conversing and smiling at one another. reports that Mendes and Mochizuki’s representatives were unavailable to comment on their connection.

Mendes and his longtime girlfriend, Camila Cabello, split up in November 2021, yet they both follow Mochizuki on Instagram.

Camila and Shawn met in 2014 while both performing on a tour fronted by Austin Mahone, and they began dating in July of that year.

They announced their breakup in November 2021, but promised followers that they were still ‘best friends’ in an Instagram message.

According to, Shawn allegedly ‘started’ the breakup conversation, leaving Camila very unhappy over the separation until she decided they should split.

‘The relationship was growing boring and complacent, so they thought they’d be better off as friends,’ the person said.

Meanwhile, a source told Timesread that the affair ended when the coronavirus lockdowns were lifted and their hectic work schedules resumed.

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