Watch: DaBaby and His Crew Physically Attacked DaniLeigh’s Brother Brandon Bills at Bowling Alley

DaBaby and His Crew Physically Hand Fighting DaniLeigh’s Brother at Bowling Alley

A video has emerged where DaBaby is fighting with Brandon Bills, the brother of the Blame It On Baby artist’s former lover DaniLeigh.

The video in issue, which is claimed to have been taken at a bowling alley in the Los Angeles region, shows DaBaby and his gang aggressively assaulting Bills. DaBaby can be seen heading toward the camera at one point in the clip released on Thursday.

Meanwhile, his clothing is identical to one shown in a recent Instagram image. Meanwhile, Bills’ most recent Instagram Stories update showed him visiting a bowling alley. has tried to reach out DaBaby for reaction. But, we didn’t get that much of response.

It’s still unknown how & who started the fight, but Bills seemed to have gotten the short end of the stick. In one scene, a member of DaBaby’s entourage snatches him by his dreadlocks and violently throws him to the ground, eliciting gasps from the audience.

DaBaby walks away from the brawl after landing numerous blows, but is chased by a shirtless Bills, whose face is red and puffy. Bills chases DaBaby into the throng before the film turns off, threatening to restart the fight.

DaniLeigh, who previously made news with DaBaby in connection with a much-discussed Instagram Live event last year, addressed this recent “lame and soooo sad” episode in a following IG Stories update.

“Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, This is my family, after all! “I also have a daughter to raise,” she said. DaniLeigh’s Instagram account seems to have been temporarily disabled at the time of this writing.

DaniLeigh wrote, “Lame as hell!!!! Running up on my brother on some slippery ass floors with 5/6 of ya boys while he’s by himself and not even touching him!!! Lame and soooo sad!!!! I pray this stops now!!! [Because] this is my family! And I got a daughter to raise. Sad.”

Last November, DaBaby and DaniLeigh were caught in a public feud when the on-again, off-again couple got into a passionate disagreement in front of their young daughter, which was seen on Instagram Live. DaBaby said he taped the fight for his “protection” and called the cops on DaniLeigh twice.

DaniLeigh was charged with two counts of simple assault following the police’s second visit to DaBaby’s residence. She then left DaBaby’s house with their baby, who was only 3 months old at the time.

Brandon Bills defended his sister later that month, challenging DaBaby to a fight and threatening to knock him out.

In an Instagram Story video, he stated, “When you come to the West Coast, man, which I know you’ll be out here, you’re going to catch this one-on-one fade, bro.” “Fade in one-on-one to watch what occurs between you and me.” I’m interested in seeing how gangster you are and how much of a true guy you are.

“This n-gga wants to humiliate my sister in front of the entire world, humiliate my family… This has nothing to do with my sister any longer, buddy. This has anything to do with you and me.”

Scuffles are nothing new to DaBaby. After being heckled at a North Carolina mall in May 2019, the “Suge” hitmaker punched out a wannabe rapper named Cam Coldheart. In April 2021, Coldheart died away.

DaBaby’s security viciously assaulted another rapper, Don Trag, at Centro Nightclub in Lawrence, Massachusetts, earlier that month, leaving the then-22-year-old victim in a coma.

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