Steve Irwin’s son Robert Irwin chased by 12-foot long crocodile while feeding it in Australia Zoo

The Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin’s son Robert Irwin got into trouble as a crocodile chased him while he was feeding the 12-foot long animal in Australian Zoo.

When a light-pigmented leucistic saltwater crocodile named Casper lunged at Irwin as he sought to lure the reptile out of its enclosure, the 18-year-old was winding up the season finale of his show, “Crikey! It’s the Irwins,” at the Australia Zoo.

Robert Irwin chased by crocodile
Robert Irwin Chased by 12-Foot Long Crocodile

Robert Irwin video-documented the result of Crikey!. It’s the Irwins on Instagram, where he attended the feeding of Casper, a 12.14-foot leucistic (or, primarily white-skinned) saltwater crocodile at the Australia Zoo, over the weekend.

Irwin, 18, captioned the video, which showed him attempting to lure the big crocodile out of the water with a little corpse, “one of the most intense croc feeds I’ve done.”

In a three-minute video posted to Instagram, Irwin claimed he was feeding Casper for the first time in his new home. “If he comes out of the water throwing tremendous strikes, it implies he’ll be ready for the Crocoseum show,” the reality star speculated.

“Bail, bail, bail,” Irwin shouted to the cast and crew.

Casper, who weighs 350 kilogrammes (approximately 772 pounds) and reaches about 12.1 feet in length, made a beeline towards Irwin instead of the enormous bits of meat Irwin was using to attract him.

Casper was rescued by Irwin’s father, Steve, in 2002. Casper was remarked by Irwin in the film clip “has such crazy behaviour, and Dad has had that sense since he first acquired Casper. I have no clue how he’ll respond, which is both scary and exciting.”

Robert and Bindi Irwin’s father died in 2006, while filming a documentary on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, at the age of 44.

Robert Irwin Feeding Crocodile
Aerial shot of the crocodile chasing Robert

In the video, Irwin also reveals that he and his staff are working to prepare Casper, the zoo’s “wildest” crocodile, to be “the new star of the midday croc show” in the Crocoseum, or crocodile attraction.

Watching how he reacts to being fed and if he’ll show off his predatory tendencies in a charge was part of the “test” they did to determine if he was fitting in nicely to his new position.

In the video, Irwin states, “Now we want to see a beautiful, huge reaction from him.” “We know he’s pleased because of that.”

“We’ve left the best for last,” he added, “with one of the most intense croc feeds I’ve ever done!” “With our crocs, we prioritise natural behaviour.”

He went on to say: “They get to exercise all of their predatory tendencies by entering into their enclosures with them and letting them put on those tremendous strikes from the water’s edge, and they love it! We can also teach everyone about the importance of conservation.”

“But, for us, safety is equally critical, and you must know when to call it. And with a croc as powerful and swift as Casper, we had no choice but to flee “Irwin said.

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