Rocket Attack On Kharkiv Regional Police Department Building, Russia Claims Control of Kherson

Kyiv Police building attack img

Kyiv, Ukraine: According to Times Read report, a rocket strike in Kharkiv has hit the building of the city’s regional police department.

A structure looks to be engulfed in flames in a video uploaded on the Telegram channel of a Ukrainian government adviser.

According to Anton Geraschenko, an assistant to Ukraine’s Interior Minister, the attack set fire to a building belonging to Karazin National University across the street.

According to the mayor of Kharkiv, at least 21 people were killed and 112 more were injured in shelling of Ukraine’s second largest city.

Despite severe bombing of Kharkiv on Tuesday and overnight, the governor of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration declared all Russian strikes “were rebuffed” and positions held.

“The Russian enemy incurred considerable losses,” Governor Oleh Synegubov remarked.

As Kharkiv was pummelling above by jet artillery, Russian forces reportedly invaded the city’s northeastern and northern regions.

Russia Controls Kherson City:

Russia’s defence ministry claims that its soldiers have taken Kherson in southern Ukraine. If the city falls, it will be the largest city in Ukraine to fall to Russian forces thus far.

We reported last night that Russian forces had been spotted on the streets of Kherson, and that the city’s mayor said that the city’s railway station and port had been taken.

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