UN Nuclear Watchdog IAEA To Discuss Putin’s Threat

IAEA meeting on Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement last week that is nuclear forces on high alert has raised concern around the world. Meanwhile, Russian troops inside. 

Ukraine are inching towards one of the country’s largest nuclear facilities today. The international Atomic Watchdog is meeting in Vienna to discuss the safety of Ukraine’s. 

It is with deep concern that the US’s nuclear watchdog IAEA is observing the current situation in Ukraine. Today, the 35 nations of the IAEA Board of Governors are meeting at the agency’s headquarters here, in Vienna to discuss, nuclear safety within a few hours.

The emergency meeting could be ready to produce a resolution, which is expected to sharply criticized. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a leaked first draft shows with Russian troops, having already occupied the radioactively, contaminated, Chernobyl plant, the IAEA now fears that further fighting between Russia and Ukraine could damage the 15 active, nuclear reactors located in Ukraine such as the supper Isha power plant, which is considered the largest in Europe. 

Should one of these plants be damaged leaking radiation? Could even reach Vienna and Beyond. Not only is the structural Integrity of the nuclear power plants important, the IAEA said, but it is also crucial to maintain the capacity of abilities of the response teams to ensure safety, it remains to be seen. 

However, whether a resolution by the atomic energy agency, will have any real impact on further fighting in Ukraine.

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