Is ‘Rebelde’ Season 2 Coming? Everything We Know So Far

Rebelde Season 2

Will There Be A Second Season of Rebelde?

After a long break, Rebelde is getting back to the corridors of this noteworthy school with a new gathering of undergraduates anxious to transform the Music Excellence Program. Also obviously, this restoration incorporates one of the first RBD’s establishing cast individuals: Colucci. However this will be troublesome, particularly with La Logia returning.

Welcome back to Elite Way School aka EWS. It’s been some time since we strolled the corridors of this famous school, yet Rebelde is back with a shiny new gathering of understudies who need to make some meaningful difference in the Music Excellence Program. Obviously, there’s even a Colucci in this recovery, and it appears as not really set in stone to proceed with the tradition of the first RBD. Be that as it may, it will not be simple, particularly not with La Logia back as well. Which makes us can’t help thinking about what’s next for our beloved characters. Will we return to EWS for another semester?

While Netflix hasn’t authoritatively uncovered whether the show is eventually a miniseries, it resembles there’s a clear opportunity of 2nd season, particularly with how the finale finished. The first Rebelde series ran for three seasons, so it’s conceivable that Netflix is arranging something very similar with the recovery. Butwithout an authority green light from Netflix, it’s as yet hanging out there.

We can expect huge changes, that is without a doubt. The mystery about La Logia is out, and it appears as though they may have recently lost their power, especially Sebastian. (Sin Nombre won the clash of the groups subsequent to uncovering La Logia before the whole school. Notwithstanding, MJ chose to perform with Sebas and presently is on the outs.)

Gracious, and in the event that you missed it, there’s really a season 1 mid-credits scene that shows Luka conversing with his dad and uncovering that he has another child. (!!!) Clearly the Coluccis will not be something similar after this would it be advisable for us we follow their story into a season 2.

Netflix mostly prefers to give a show time to check whether it’s a significant hit or not prior to giving it a season 2. Ideally we’ll hear news in a little while. Meanwhile, you better advise every one of your companions to observe so it has a superior shot at returning!

So, when can we expect to learn more about Rebelde season 2?

It’s standard for Netflix to delay until after a season 1 to choose whether or not to reestablish a show briefly season. We’ll know more in a couple of months, ideally.

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