ATEEZ Immortal Songs Performance: #ATEEZIMMORTALKINGS Trends on Twitter as They Will Compete Once Again For King of Kings Title

ATEEZ Immortal Songs Performance: ATEEZ to appear on the Immortal Songs once again in 2020 for the King of Kings Ultimate Crown. They are already the first 4th Generation group to win Immortal Songs.

ATEEZ Immortal Songs Performance

ATEEZ will return to the show’s stage once again for an exciting battle on the series’ special 2020: King of Kings, following their legendary victory on Immortal Songs. With an even bigger score, the group will inspire audiences, highlighting their performing skills. As we see it, twitter is really excited about the performance and thus fans are trending #ATEEZIMMORTALKINGS. More than 33 thousand people tweeted about their excitement with this hashtag.

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When they were the first fourth-generation group to win the iconic series, ATEEZ’s first show victory made history. The party will now face contestants who have won previous episodes and compete to be the overall victor.

ATEEZ Immortal Songs Performance

The heat of their first appearance in August, performing Turbo’s 1995 hit, “Black Cat,” impressed audiences with ATEEZ. Jongho’s six-octave and the use of their own choreography featured noteworthy moments.

“The video of their success of “Black Cat” has surpassed 2.5 million views on KBS K-YouTube Pop’s channel since being on Immortal Songs.

ATEEZ Immortal Songs Performance

In addition, the party gifted the fans with the song’s Halloween music video. A surprise inclusion on the track and in the video was created by one of its original musicians, Kim Jongkook. The video ranked fourth worldwide since its release and garnered more than 6.2 million views.

In 2020, viewers should expect another fiery show from ATEEZ: King of Kings, in which twelve teams battle for victory in two episodes. Min Haekyung, Park Aeri and Nam Sangil, Kim Taewoo and Im Jeonghee, MONNI, Min Woohyuk, Hwang Chiyeul, Shin Yu, Na Taejoo, Seojin Park, and Forestella are among the other contestants.

The representatives wore retro-inspired street fashion in an earlier televised preview for ATEEZ’s upcoming performance. In addition, a tiny snapshot from their stage increased the interest of fans, teasing an impactful and playful performance.

About ATEEZ:

ATEEZ Immortal Songs Performance: ATEEZ is a music group from South Korea founded by KQ Entertainment. Eight members make up the group: Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. They debuted with the EP Treasure EP.1: All to Nothing on October 24, 2018. As rookies, ATEEZ won the Next Generation Award at the Golden Disc Awards 2019, as well as being named Worldwide Fans’ Choice at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2019 (MAMA). The group was also appointed by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Recreation and Tourism as “4th Generation Leaders” and is the new global ambassador for Korean culture and tourism.

The group has released five Korean-language EPs, one full-length album, and two Japanese albums as of September 2020. Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action, Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer, and Zero: Fever Part.1 all are leading in South Korean music charts, and Zero: Fever Part.1 has been the first platinum-certified album of the group on the Gaon Albums Chart. The group has sold more than one million physical copies of its releases in South Korea to date.

Immortal Songs:

Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend, also known as Immortal Songs 2, is a singing competition show hosted by Shin Dong-yup on South Korean TV. It is a revival of Immortal Songs, and singers performing their reinterpreted interpretations of songs are featured in each episode. ATEEZ Immortal Songs Performance will be hosted on South Korean TV and YouTube.

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