Chris Wu, Former EXO Member Planning Jailbreak After Being Arrested For Sexual Assault on Minors

02 sec ago !~EXO ~Chris-Wu+] ~Exo Chris.Sexual Assault++! ~엑소 크리스*Chris Wu/Jailbreak.엑소 크리스-! 출처: 중앙일보] “엑소 前멤버 크리스 탈옥시키자” 팬 채팅방의 위험한 계획 Reddit Video [KPOP-China] Dangerous plans for “Exo Former Member Chris Jailbreak” Fan Chat Room [#EXO Chris Wu]

Some fans of Chris Wu, a former member of the idol group Exo (EXO), who was arrested on Chinese public security for sexually assaulting minors, were sanctioned by the Chinese government for having a conversation that conspired to jailbreak, according to Global Times.

Chris Wu Jailbreak Conspiracy

According to the report, Chris’ fans posted on Weibo, China’s largest social media, shortly after news of his prison life on The Last 31, that “let’s break into the prison to rescue Chris Wu.”

“Some of them also made plans to organize by subdividing actual ‘rescue groups’ and ‘visiting groups’,” according to China Yousdalei, a Chinese Communist Party organ.

On February 2, China’s cyber supervisory agency, the National Cyber Information Tribunal (CAC), said it had “removed more than 150,000 harmful posts related to Chris and closed more than 1,300 group chat rooms in an area to create a sound Internet environment.” Weibo also permanently suspended 503 accounts containing inappropriate remarks about Chris on february 3 and closed 133 group chat rooms.

However, Weibo announced that “many of them are not actual fans, but aimed at attracting attention with extreme statements.”

“The wrong fan culture uses the ironless minds of minors to lead them the wrong way,” Shanghai cultural critic Xiao Fuchu told the Global Times about the incident, “and they also find excuses for criminal activity to defend their idols. Moral standards and values have been distorted.”

“This is not the first time this has happened,” The Global Times reported in May, inging to the controversy over milk disposal during the process of “YouthUni 3,” an idol-nurturing entertainment program. At the time, more than 270,000 bottles were disposed of by fans, who only used voting rights printed on the lid to give many votes to their favorite trainees and discarded large quantities of fine milk.

In a statement, the CAC warned that “we will strongly crack down on future fans who take non-action to support their idols.”

The controversy began last month竹 when a woman named Dumeiju claimed that “Chris seduced women into having sex with casts, etc.,” and that “there are at least eight victims, including himself, and two minors.” In this, Chris claims that Mr. Doo is blackmailing himself, saying, “If true, I’ll walk to the prison with my feet.”

The Beijing Public Security Bureau’s Chaoyang 陽 arrested Chris on The Last 31 and launched an investigation.

Chris Wu Fans Conspiracy to Jailbreak
Chris Wu claimed on his Weibo account on 19 June last month that he had “never had a drink with the woman, and the circumstantial that he revealed is not true.” However, China’s public security later announced that “it has been confirmed that there was sexual intercourse with the woman who raised the initial issue.” [Weibo Screen Capture]

China is sentencing sexual assault cases to up to three years and up to 10 years in prison, with a maximum death penalty, especially for sexually assaulting minors.

Earlier, the Rule of Law Daily reported that “this is a real event, not a rumor in the music world,” and “will teach a firm lesson that everyone is equal before the law.” Chris is a Chinese-Canadian who has been with idol group Exo since 2012, and in 2014 filed a lawsuit against Korean planner SM to annul a exclusive contract, and later the singer and singer in China. Bow as an East Sea came.


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