Jenna Dewan Clarifies Comments About Separating From Channing Tatum After Daughter Was Born

Jenna Said in a Statement That She Would Never Slam Channing Tatum For Not Being Around Sometimes, Because Channing Kept Her “Safe and Comfortable” After Birth of Their Daughter Everly.

Jenna Dewan Conversation About Channing

Jenna Dewan had a difficult time adjusting to motherhood. The 40-year-old dancer-actor recounted the time she and her then-husband, Channing Tatum, had to spend apart after Everly was born in 2013.

Evie was in London when Dewan had to return to work on an episodic TV show in Vancouver, so Dewan had to fly with her. Chan wasn’t accessible for much of the time. “It was just me, my doula, and Evie at six weeks.”

“It seemed doable to me. After two months, I’ll have her on set,’ she says “Of her now eight-year-old daughter, she continued. “Because of the lengthy hours involved, this was a really difficult situation to handle. I had her with me at all times when I was on set. It was simply really challenging.”

It caused her “a great deal of postpartum worry,” Dewan said. “I just kept going and going. Nighttime awakenings are followed by a long day of labor “She went on to explain. “I was breast-feeding when I wrote this. I could feel my heart pounding. I was on my own. Crazy, was all I can say.”

Dewan posted to Instagram after the podcast aired to make it clear that she was not criticising Tatum in any way.

Her Instagram Story on Tuesday said, “It’s sad that numerous media sites have stolen a vital dialogue about a woman’s experience with postpartum problems and plucked out statements to make it look as though I was criticizing my daughter’s father, something I would never do.” At that time, both of us were working parents and experienced a variety of problems, but I am the only one speaking for myself.

Jenna Dewan Instagram Story

Despite getting married in 2009, Dewan and Tatum decided to end their relationship in 2019. Callum, who is now one year old, was born to Dewan and Steve Kazee in December of 2018. The couple got engaged in February of 2020, only months before Callum was born.

Callum’s arrival and the months that followed were described by Dewan on the podcast as “grounding.” “The world was wild, but I was home and in my love nest, where everything seemed to be in order… It was a fantastic experience. Me, Steve, Callum, and Evie were all snuggling together at the time. It was really beautiful.”

After their daughter Everly was born, Jenna, 40, said it was “very hard” since Channing was filming in London while she was working in Canada. However, he has claimed he still attempted to take care of Everly, who is now 8 years old.

Everly was six weeks old when Jenna had to go to Canada to work on ‘Witches of East End,’ according to sources close to Channing, 41. Channing also “rented out a lovely Vancouver home” for Jenna, Everly, and a doula, the sources said.

According to reports, Channing made frequent trips to Vancouver when shooting on his movie ‘Jupiter Ascending’ shifted from London, Illinois, to Chicago, Illinois.

Jenna, according to sources close to the marriage, did not want to disparage Channing, but rather to share her experiences as a working mother.

Jenna addressed the situation on Dear Media’s ‘Dear Gabby’ podcast: “I had to travel with Chan at the time, and Chan wasn’t always accessible to be with us. So, it was just me, my doula, and Evie at six weeks. It was difficult since it took a long time to complete. I had her with me at all times when I was on set. It was simply really challenging.

“Also, I’d say I felt a fair amount of postpartum anxiety. There were times when I felt like I could not stop. You’re up a number of times in the middle of the night, and then you’re working the rest of the time. In addition to nursing and pumping, I was alone and without a spouse. It was just plain crazy.”

Jenna, who was forced to spend more time at home owing to the COVID-19 epidemic, felt more “anchored” after she welcomed her 16-month-old son Callum with her fiancé Steve Kazee.

She said, “This time, I felt so centered and composed. The world was chaotic, but I was home and in my love nest, and that was different from the rest of the world.”


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