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Bill Maher is also a political analyst, comedian, actor and television personality in the United States. In addition to Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO, he hosts Politically Incorrect on Comedy Central and ABC, which is a late-night talk show. After a month-long hiatus, Real Time returned to HBO today with Bill Maher’s New Rules monologue.

Bill Maher is trending today simply because he delivered the following monologue on his show “New Rules”. “Please don’t make the Olympics into the Oscars,” Bill pleased to the audience.

How bad does this atmosphere we’re living in have to get before the people who say cancel culture is overblown admit that it is in fact an insanity that is swallowing up the world? #WokeOlympics

“We dare you to be entertained,” he declared to the crowd in April. Irritated, he complained that its makers appeared intent to keep the audience from forgetting about the inequities and shortcomings of human nature for even a second.

Maher believes that the Tokyo Summer Olympics have exceeded Hollywood. A number of authorities and creative workers were disciplined for decades-old conduct, he said.

During one opening ceremony, the musical director was fired after admitting to bullying classmates as a youngster. I remember when teachers used to terrify me by saying, “This will go on my permanent record,” he added. “It’s no longer a hollow threat.”

It was also criticized that surfing will be an Olympic sport in Tokyo, according to the media. Because surfing is included in these games, it is said to be more likely to cause cultural appropriation and “racial indignities” The reason for this is that non-Hawaiians have popularized and mainstreamed a sport that had significant spiritual and social significance for its original practitioners. The tournament was described in the article’s headline as “whitewashed”.

Maher’s tone was more direct and his ideas were more urgent than usual, despite the fact that laughs still flowed and the segment’s early minutes appeared seamless. In the opening minutes of the broadcast, the presenter unveiled his new spectacles, referring to them as a permanent new adornment. They have progressive optics,” he teased in advance of the “New Rules” section. My white privilege is immediately apparent when donning them.”

Maher described the current political atmosphere in the United States and increasingly worldwide a “purge.” That kind of mindset belonged in Stalin’s Russia. People who claim that cancel culture is exaggerated will eventually have to accept that it is, in reality, a form of madness that is devouring the globe.

According to Maher, his political views haven’t changed, but he’s reacted to changes in the political climate. “My politics haven’t changed, but I’m reacting to politics that have.”

Another example of how awakened liberals have inverted what used to make liberals liberal, he said. Snitches and b*ds are not liberal terms.

The vast majority of human history, Maher said, “is a horror storey,” but he added that the idea of keeping cultures and groups separate interferes with one of life’s greatest benefits. “Groups coming together and sharing are the best aspects. Olympics are all about it,” he said, jokingly.

According to him, even the Olympic Games concept was borrowed from the Greeks in the first place. Badminton in India, tennis in France, and Korean taekwondo were among the sports he mentioned. Then he said, “What is this new rule that only the first to do anything gets it?”

mosexual characters, and white authors are forbidden from imagining life as a Mexican immigrant.” It’s almost the definition of empathy to attempt to live someone else’s life, which is a cornerstone of liberalism.

He concluded by criticising the hypervigilance around cultural appropriation, even if he acknowledged that there are valid examples of it. In his view, exploitation occurs when natives’ natural resources are taken.

“Not everything is about oppression,” he said.

He asserted that cultural interaction might take place in other directions as well. Not by performing traditional Korean songs in the way of their forefathers, but by producing pop music that is appealing to Western ears.

According to Maher, “straight performers are told they cannot play homosexual characters, and white authors are forbidden from imagining life as a Mexican immigrant.” It’s almost the definition of empathy to attempt to live someone else’s life, which is a cornerstone of liberalism.

Now people are reacting on twitter about his monologue with the Hashtag #BillMaher. Check out some of the tweets:


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