Why is Emma Stone Trending on Twitter? Find Out

Emma Stone is currently trending on Twitter US. It is rumored that, after Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone and Emily Blunt is looking for a share of profit from their film’s Disney+ release. Emma Stone reportedly want to sue Disney as well, just like Scarlett.

Emma Stone vs Disney

RUMOR: After Scarlett Johansson, Cruella star Emma Stone and Emily Blunt are considering taking action against Disney for streaming Cruella and Jungle Cruise during their theatrical release. If true, these disputes could eventually be considered landmark cases in the age of streaming.

Emma Stone may sue Disney over the publication of Cruella on Disney+, according to reports. It was released concurrently in cinemas and on Disney+ on May 28. Previous pandemic films Mulan and Raya and the Last Dragon debuted the $29.99 Premier Access feature. While the movie was a hit with fans and critics, it didn’t do well at the box office. A lot of people wondered about the overall impact of Cruella’s hybrid release.

Fans are celebrating this rumored event on twitter. They are Tweeting about Emma Stone welcoming this move if it is true.

Black Widow was the latest Disney movie to have a dual launch. Natasha Romanoff, who played Natasha in the Marvel film, suffered a major setback. “Black Widow” on Disney+ debut constituted a violation of contract, according to Scarlett Johansson’s complaint. Premier Access, according to Johansson, hampered the film’s box office statistics. Disney star Emma Stone is reported to be next in line to speak out after the powerhouse.

What I’m Hearing…, a newsletter published by former THR editor Matt Belloni, reports that the Cruella de Vil actress is considering filing her own lawsuit. There are rumors that actress Emma Stone, who played Cruella in the movie, is considering her choices. As for Emily Blunt, Belloni mentioned her as a potential spokesperson once Jungle Cruise premieres this weekend. “Disney is famously tough to work with” under these instances, he said.

Belloni said Johansson has a lot of support from fellow artists, and he predicted that this issue won’t go away any time soon. Attorneys for Disney quickly issued a scathing statement in response to the Oscar-nominated star’s actions. The studio says that they adhered strictly to all of Johansson’s contract terms and conditions. According to the statement, her income was not affected by Disney+’s release, but actually grew.

Disney is unlikely to make the deal details public, which would provide some clarification on the unforeseen dispute. However, coming up against an organization as large as the Walt Disney Company conjures images of David and Goliath. Someone as bright as Johansson isn’t going to take on Disney without a solid foundation. The death knell for Premier Access may be hammered home if Stone speaks out in the coming weeks regarding Cruella.

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