Michael Che Mocks Simone Biles Sexual Assault, Mental Health. Che Claims IG Account Hacked

Comedian Michael Che was ready to mock the world’s most decorated gymnast when she was at her lowest moment.

“man, I want to make fun of simone biles,” Che wrote on Instagram earlier this week.

Michael Che Mocks Simone Biles on Instagram

After receiving horrible comments about Biles’ mental health, the “Saturday Night Live” performer went on to post jokes about Larry Nassar, the former USA Gymnastics doctor accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of children and women. Nassar faces a maximum sentence of 175 years in prison for the crimes he committed.

A Simone Biles joke was stuck in his mind for almost three minutes, he wrote. ‘I’m choosing violence,’ as the nerdy kids say.’

Criticism of comedian Che’s effort to make light of Biles’s sexual abuse and mental health erupted almost immediately.

“My account has been hijacked,” the comic said on Instagram.

Che wrote, “I can’t believe they’ve got me.” I exclusively make jokes about Whites and cops, as you are well aware. I’ve reset my password and everything’s OK.”

As of early Friday morning, Che’s management has not responded to a request for comment. Requests for comment were not answered by HBO Max, which airs his comedy series, or NBC, which airs both the Olympics and SNL.

Biles, 24, dropped out of the team and individual all-around finals at the Tokyo Olympics to focus on her mental health, according to the comedian’s social media tweets. “Twists” occur when a gymnast loses control of their body while they spin in the air. As Biles stated on Twitter, “I never fully felt before that I was more than my accomplishments and gymnastics” as a result of her decision.

Conservatives and right-wing media have also criticized Biles, saying she’s a “shame to the country.” After labelling fellow Texan Biles “a national shame,” deputy attorney general Aaron Reitz apologized on Wednesday. His employer, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R), had admonished Reitz before he issued his apologies for “a very improper and disrespectful remark.”

“Saturday Night Live” writer Che announced his plans to perform his new stuff on Biles in front of an audience through Instagram. “Nassar understands Biles better than anyone,” a fan wrote to him, as the Instagram storey proceeded.

Che rated the joke a nine out of 10. “Absolutely tasteless,” said one reviewer.

Che then tweeted another joke that made fun at Biles’ mental health by utilizing the phrase “Black don’t crack.”

Celebrity Reactions:

I know people who dance nude for money. I support them because there’s nothing wrong with that. But if they stripped naked in the pulpit at a funeral, I would assume they wanted: 1. Attention 2. To offend people, or 3. To get punched in the face This tweet is about Michael Che
How nice for Michael Che never to have been denied the sanctity of his own body because of his gender. How nice for him not to be judged and gaslit repeatedly because it is routine to treat an entire gender and their experiences with disregard and contempt. How lovely for him.
Between ppl trashing ScarJo and Michael Che being sentient trash, it’s a tough day to be Colin Jost!
Michael Che the type of Black person who got dragged to a family cookout on Sunday and sat in the corner the whole time then on Monday went and told jokes about what he saw to his white friends
between michael che just *needing* to crack a rape joke and the activision/blizzard “cosby room”, rape culture is very alive and well.

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