Megan Thee Stallion Appears on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover: She is the first Rapper in a sports magazine cover

Meghan Thee Stallion on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover: Megan Thee Stallion has found time on a busy schedule to add another milestone to her flourishing career, from breaking records and winning her first platinum album with her debuted “Good News.” The “Hot Girl” is the first rapper on Sports Illustrated cover.

Megan features as one of three distinct covers, alongside Naomi Osaka tennis player and Leyna Bloom models, on her own Swimsuit Sports Illustrated 2021 Cover.

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Megan stated it was a dream come when she was questioned by CNN about her feelings as the first racer on Sports Illustrated cover.

“It definitely was a dream for me to be on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit,” Megan told CNN. “And to be the first female rapper? Who else would they pick? I am just happy they chose the Hot Girl Coach!”

Sports Illustrated expressed its excitement for having Meghan Thee Stallion on its cover.

Megan the Stallion becomes first rapper on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover
Meghan Thee Stallion on Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

Meghan is one of three different covers, accompanied by Naomi Osaka, a tennis star and Leyna Bloom models that will also take on the yearly topic which is community.

Their risk smashed “WAP,” which included Cardi B, divided the internet into two by 2020 with detractors labelling it the tune a “attack on the American values” — but the message of women’s gender positive reached a global audience.

According to Nielsen Music, “WAP” accumulated the week following its debut last August to record 93 million US streams and for three consecutive weeks it claimed top spots on the rankings of Billboard Hot 100.

The enormous success of Megan Thee Stallion can be traced at least partially to her advocacy for the positive body. Each track is a love letter unsearchable to curves, trust and sexual desire. The rapper preached a motivational message of self-love before launching his track “Body” at the American Music Awards last November;

The Houston musician is the first rapper to be a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star.
Meghan Thee Stallion Featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine

“I love my body. – I adore my body. Each curve is a decoration on my temple, every inch, every mark, every dimple. It’s my body. And nobody possesses that save me, “She claimed she was playing as she took the stage in a pre-recorded message. “And who I’ve chosen is very fortunate. Perhaps you don’t believe my physique is ideal, and it may never be, but when I look into the mirror? I love what I see. – I love what I see.”

Now, a new platform has been provided for the worldwide super star to deliver its message. ‘I felt empowered and delighted with the shooting of the cover,’ she told CNN.

“I was happy to learn that women with bodies such as me may be praised. We haven’t seen simply the conventional kinds.”

Naomi Osaka on the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit issue, on sale July 22.
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover ft. Meghan Thee Stallion

Bloom made history when it came out that she would be the first Black and Asian transsexual to appear in a Swimsuit issue in March before her cover was known. Before her cover she had been recognised.

Leyna Bloom on the cover of Sports Illustrated's  Swimsuit issue, out July 22.

“If one thing our cover models have in common, they have no common cause,” the title editor in chief, MJ Day, stated in a press statement. “They have no common thing.” “They have distinct looks, different education, different hobbies and various inspirations. But everyone remembers that in various ways beauty comes.”

Megan Thee Stallion was photographed by James Macari and Yu Tsai captured Bloom and Osaka for Sports Illustrated.
The new issue is scheduled for 22 July.

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